Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is a Bad Idea: Reasons Why

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

It has been suggested recently that Square-Enix are looking to do a follow up to Final Fantasy XIII, with a possible FFXIII-2 title. It is merely ideas from Square-Enix at the moment, but we and probably the majority of FF fans hope they are joking.

It is fair to say that Square-Enix are the kings of RPG games, but FFXIII was a total letdown for die hard FF fans. We’ve all read the criticisms on the game in the past, so we won’t go into it, but they really shouldn’t be thinking of another game.

Director Motomu Toriyama wants to make a spin-off game where Lightning ends up ”happy”, but we really think Square-Enix should scrap the idea completely and start fresh on a Final Fantasy title which is closer to either FF7, FF8 or FF9 – the three games which are considered their finest work yet.

I’d even prefer no game over a new FF XIII game actually, or better yet – spend more time polishing up Final Fantasy Versus XIII – since early signs are looking like it’s nothing like XIII – which is obviously a good thing.

Am I being a bit harsh on the original FFXIII, maybe a bit – but I feel it would be time wasted for Square-Enix if they really gave the green light to this project.

Do you think a spin-off game would be a bad idea?

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  • People complain about the littlest things in a video game when really they should look deeper into the game and not so much on small outer details. The company made a game that they thought would really hit it off. Obviously if it was put as a PS3 Hits game it did fairly well. More people liked it than most people think because somehow it made it as a greatest hits game. If they made too many games like 7, 8, and 9, people would get bored with the idea. Somewhere, they had to make a change in the franchise. Just like anything else. Gamers are much too picky and need to learn to appreciate someone else’s imagination and also appreciate how much effort they put into making US happy with a new game. I look more on character development, storyline, and graphics. The character development can have a lot to do with the plot line, and they did well with it. Very well, in fact. And apparently they’re not done developing these characters to their full potential. Yes, Versus XIII will be great, but what if it doesn’t turn out to be what you all think it will be? Are you going to bash it all when you’re praising it so highly right now?
    I respect your opinions, but seriously, don’t be too picky and overjudgemental like every other person out in the world. Gain some respect for the company.

  • Concerned Gamer #9

    Once again foolish internet troll, do your damned research, FFXIII sold 13 million copies and you say it was because you just want ANOTHER FFVII

    • Anonymous

      FFXIII was a failure of a game that sold 13 million copies simply because of its name and its graphics. For an RPG(which it is supposed to be) the story was full of plot holes, game play was bland/repetitive, real strategy was nonexistent, AI controlled characters were defective, and the world was unbelievably linear. To even try to rationally defend this game clearly means you either; have not actually played 6,7,8,9, and/or 10(therefore not knowing what a good RPG from Square-Enix really is like), or you haven’t actually played 13 all the way through, and are basing your opinion of the game solely on sales. My only hope is that this wasn’t your true opinion, but rather an automatic reaction(conditioned into you from defending the actual great RPGs made by this company in the past), which compelled your fingers to type such an irrational statement in an attempt to defend what was once such a great series or games. 

  • Jason

    Aweful game FF13. Its screwed proper FF fans over. 7 8 and 10 were the bet games I've ever played. 13 made me angry more than anything, how dare SE do this to their loyal fans.

    FF was all about freedom, and exploring a fantastic new world with a great story

    Not grabbing you by the throat and forcing you down a path, followed by a boss, a cut scene and repeat. Awful characters (who was the main one? God knows) Awful story (I mean wft was it about?!) and awful characters (waa lets cry, oh no a monster is coming out my arm. Now I've defeated this monster, all of a sudden I'm happy again)

    Pathetic. Sorry SE, I'll be looking else where for my RPG kicks now, probs on my old dusty ps2 and a good copy of ff10 and 7.

    A sequal to this would be a travesty. Just let the Final Fantasy brand die with what little dignity remains of it

    • Concerned Gamer #9

      What part did you not understand about l'cie forced to serve fal'cie, you are like the foolish internet troll who wrote this article.

    • I think you’ve got it all wrong. They’re not suddenly happy again. The game is all about somehow keeping sane in a situation where if you’re not sane, the insanity will grab ahold of you. You must not have paid attention to the story line then, much like everyone else. In order to be a fan of a game, you need to pay attention, not blast right through the fighting and expect more fighting no matter what.
      Pay attention and maybe you’ll understand more than the average human.

    • I think you’ve got it all wrong. They’re not suddenly happy again. The game is all about somehow keeping sane in a situation where if you’re not sane, the insanity will grab ahold of you. You must not have paid attention to the story line then, much like everyone else. In order to be a fan of a game, you need to pay attention, not blast right through the fighting and expect more fighting no matter what.
      Pay attention and maybe you’ll understand more than the average human.

      • To be honest Kara Bjork we all love FF games, but i must agree and square Enix has changed. and I also played the game and played it with an open mind thinking maybe I should give it a chance, but was disapointed to be honest yes the game has some good things but the characters were half way done I mean I dont support the idea of the previus games being remade we should be moving foward but sincerelly it’s no fun that you don’t get to see and explore as far as I know thats what many people want in a game like this to submerge and taken your breathe away, I couldnt even upgrade my weapons why because I couldnt even get Gils sorry but this game is not worth it even the japanese hated it when they got it they even loverd the games prices after a few month sorry but even the sequel of FFX~2 was better than this series.

  • Gus

    I disagree with this article completely. FFXIII is my most favourite game of all the FF's, and I am really pleased they are making a FFXIII-2. I may be in the minority here, but I think FFXIII is the best of the final fantasy's. In my opinion.

    • Thank you! Someone who is actually willing to appreciate things. So what if it’s linear? I’d rather know exactly where to go to get further in the story than spend hours trying to find which way I need to go to figure something else in the story line out.
      I agree with you completely!

      • Stephen Hubbard

        I have to disagree here. Yes, FF13 was a decent game. The story was very intriguing, for they had never done one quite like this before. But to say it is the best FF that they’ve made? By far, the best FF ever made would have to be FF6. The story was incredibly, and every character had his/her own background. You may disagree, and I can respect that you may have your own oppinion, but if you haven’t played FF6 you should. I believe that they’ve finally released a downloadable content of the PS1 version on PSN. But if able, I would play it on the SNES.

  • Incendia

    Well, a sequel sure sounds fun! I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I would love one. 😀
    'Cos XIII only stops when the gang are on Pulse. THEY NEED TO REBUILD CIVILIZATION!! :O And…I want to find out what happens next. :3
    The controls were quite OK. (IMO) Sure they're different from Crisis Core and bla blah…but it was pretty fun too! (cos I'm a lazy person and all) Just wait for the ATB gauge to refill, and then press Triangle whenever you feel like it. 😀
    Moreover,a sequel would be good too 'cos..y'know how some people kept complaining about XIII's gameplay? Well it would give a chance for the creators to…maybe improve the gameplay and such? 🙂
    Oooh and I've got a simple solution! If you don't like…don't play. There ARE a lot of people in the world after all…and it's hard to please everyone! I feel bad for SE. 🙁
    Looking forward to Versus too! *cheers*

    • The sequel sounds amazing. Lightning was obviously not ready to stop and settle down in the end of XIII, so it only makes sense to continue and let us all know what’s going to happen next. Pulse isn’t cleansed now, who knows what the Fal’Cie will be up to, if they’re going to be involved at all.

  • Flappy

    where are the reasons why?

    i think a sequal would be awesome, lightning is my favorite main character and ive played 7,8,9,10,12,and 13

    the story has a lot to expand on and given the situation in the end there is a lot of things they could go into, i think a sequel would be great

  • Jasian6

    I think a full sequel, not a spin-off, should be made for 13.

    I do agree that FFXIII was not up to par with previous games, but I blame the scenario writing that doesn't bring out the characters effectively. The pacing felt forced for me too, but i think its because we don't relate strongly with the characters, causing us to care less about advancing the plot.

    Also, I think there's a lot of holes in lore. Just look at all of the extra areas! It seems like there's a big story behind how it all came to be, but there was little to no explanation about how it got there, and/or why it matters (cuz it doesnt seem to matter). Instead of selling on only the environment visuals, characters visuals, and gameplay, maybe they should try to also make a good story and scenario to amplify the effects of the visuals, characters, and gameplay.

    If the scenario writing fleshes out the characters and actually provides effective incentive to WANT to watch the characters and story develop, and if they make good use of the work the art teams dish out, i think a FFXIII-2 would be amazing.

    YES to a well-made sequel!

    • Anonymous

      While changing all of that would make a much better game, the question remains why make a sequel to a game that already has so many contradictions in it? You could simply create a brand new game which focuses on including everything mentioned above, without the baggage of a terrible prequel weighing it down.

  • Mason

    You lost all credibility when you said XII, XIII, and IV were their finest works and they should stick with that. We all know what would REALLY happen. They would make a game exactly like one of them, and it may not be as good as the originals and EVERYONE who wanted them to stick those traditional ideas would say, "Sqaure, seriously, it worked once. Now, think of something new before I get angry. Wah wah."

  • Gracie

    I think they should make a sequel….there was a lot left unanswered and personal i loved the game…the story was good the characters where great and i felt for each and everyone, that is what i love about the Final Fantasy games, they really make you feel and i think FFXIII pulled that off well….there is of course a few things they could change or add. but isnt that part of what makes a sequel great….


  • Hope

    There's one bit where I agree with you and that is that they need to think more along the storylines of FFVII, VIII, and IX, however, with all the Final Fantasy games that they have made, I wouldn't change any of them for the world. I love XIII's storyline and characters and I actually wouldn't care if they didn't make a storyline similar to VII or VIII because chances are they'd get so called die hard fans saying it's too similar. Guess what I'd do if I wanted to play a storyline similar to VII or VIII or X? I would actually play VII, VIII or X.
    And yes Square Enix. Please make a sequel to XIII. And also make a sequel to X-2 because that was just amazing as well.

  • whatsgoingon

    You people who keep talking nonsense about “true fans of the series” and whatnot are morons! Grow up guys. I read a post where someone claimed to have started playing in 1990 and he likes xiii and that makes him a true fan. Well all i know is if he/she did then he should be old enough like i am, in my mid 20s to realize just because someone doesnt like xiii doesnt make them a non-fan… gee whiz i didnt like xii or xiii at all but ff is still my favorite rpg series and i consider myself a fan. so what if someone started to like ff games last year or the past 20 years we all started somewhere. While im at it stop with the incessant fanboy and noob calling crap its that ridiculous pompous attitude that i hate most in these supposed “true fans”. so what if some kid is obsessed with sephiroth… who cares!?!?

  • joep

    The storyline of FFXIII was very good although the battlesystem was mediocre and the decision to remove towns and shops was just plain stupid.

    If Square made a sequel with towns/shops/sidequest just like FF should be it would be awesome,(same setting but this time with the element missing in the first one) if it's just more of the same then it's too bad and just wait for it to show up in the budged games.

    I think that the best titles of the series were FF6 (FF3 in America and Europe) and FF7.
    The worst FF until now was X-2. (I've played every FF except the 8-bit Nes versions)

    Towns/shopping and talking are one of the most basic elements of JRPG's which should not be removed.

  • visitor

    I totally agree with the whole no FFXIII sequel, but I'm not hating on FFXIII, personally I loved every bit of it and the graphics were absolutely amazing. Now I'm not saying to go back to something more traditional because I believe the battle system was a step up and it felt much more exciting, however, I did enjoy the older battle systems. I think that eif a new Final Fantasy is being planned, it should be something brand new with incorporating the best bits of previous games, that's what keeps me interested. I like not looking forward to the same thing with every single game in the series.

    • visitor

      im replying to myself, i began to replay ffxii after reading this article, and i believe that a direct sequel would actually be amazing

  • XIII Protector

    I strongly disagree with this article.The reason is that every person has his/her own taste of what is good and what isn't.Awful critics for XIII are all over the web just because you (the so-called die hard fans)don't want something new,you want to play the same thing in different versions,again and again.If you die hard(i would say that you are just morons who can't accept the fact that FF 7-8-9 and w.e else is over)fans like these then play these,
    many people loved XIII as much as you liked the others,get over it.The only thing I didn't like was the linearity(sorry if I spelled it wrong),but the wonderful cutscenes,combined with the story and the characters,(as well as the soundtracks)made me to fell in love with the game.Finally,if you (die hard) fans think that FF games like 7 are the true FF games because they came first,then this doesn't make sense because FF 1 came first so with your logic it's the true one.On the other hand,if you say that FF fames like 7 are the true FF games because you and many others liked them,you are wrong again,because many liked XIII too.You think yourself as a true FF fan,but WE are true XIII fans.
    Thank you if you weren't lazy and you read the whole comment.

  • Erik

    I would like to see an final fantasy xiii-2 and if any of you was real final fantasy fans. Ya'll would agree. Stop being in the past and move on to the future. Final Fantasy Xiii-2 should be made. I have over 38 friends who is agreeing with me, though they go to my school. So, final fantasy Xiii-2 please!!

  • Harry

    (SPOLIER) Through i think by now everyone who is a fan would have finished the game.
    I think that a sequel to final fantasy xiii would be a good idea. Look where xiii ended, all of cocoon stranded on Pulse. There are awesome story possibilities there. In addition, the only major criticism I had about Final Fantasy was that it was too linear. Basing the game entirely on Pulse would give square the means to eliminate that. The combat system was fine, add some more flexibility (in terms of character development) and I reckon we would have an amazing game. Square have tried using a linear final fantasy to redefine the series, and it hasn't worked. They should scrap everything. XIII-2 could be a bit of a salvage operation.

  • Hannah

    Final Fantasy XIII was amazing. Its one of my top favorites as a matter of fact! Your just another one of those fan boys that has FFVII so far up your ass that you wish they would remake that shitty game. This article sucks and you shouldn't even be a writer.

  • Jamie

    A sequel is a good Idea.
    For many of us, the ended of FF13 was a bit confusing. Either it was left open for a story line, or gave us just enough information to sate our thirsts.

    I agree this article is a sham. You are only seeing it on the surface. This game has much more meaning than what you gave it. The story was quite good once you got into it. It wasn't forced, although I do feel you have to play the game a couple of times to fully understand it.

    The battle system, although new, was quite finely tuned. It was good for new, and experienced players, providing different Paragrims and the skill to know each one apart.

    I think this does deserve a Sequel, and that you need to stop being so one sided 😀

    I too have played all the games, from the nes to ds. This was a welcome addition to my collection.

  • Nina

    I think they should make the sequel because we hardly know the background history of the characters. I also thought the game was good. We also need to know what happened to Hope at the end and how the wedding went for Sarah and Snow.

  • Randy

    If your a true Final Fantasy Fan then you would have been there through the ages!

    I started playing since Final Fantasy (The Original) in 1990 although it was release in Japan in 1987, to it's latest Final Fantasy XIV for PC.

    – Now I have a lot of criticism for some of the games that have been released such as Crystal Chronicles and such but still I liked playing it.


    FFXIII creates an interesting new battle scheme that has a lot to offer and a cast of great characters that deserve to be remembered.
    – If you have played since the early days like me then you would understand. Haha!

    Change a few things like gameplay (add more exploring and freedom to players to allow some interaction to citizens of each area and such), add some mini-games and better side quests and you got yourself a FFXIII sequel that should have been made in the original.

    Seeing the originals remade was so nostalgic, bringing back memories since I was just a kid.


  • Anthony

    Everybody has their own opinion, but I must agree with this article in saying that XIII was a let down… The largest problem with XIII was that I didn't care about the characters at all. If I don't care about the characters, then I won't care about the story, and if I don't care about the story, then I basically don't care about the game (as an rpg). The fact that you only control your main character certainly didn't help either. I actually have to say I liked FF12 better than 13, mainly because the gameplay was interesting enough to keep me playing. FF10 was the best ever in my opinion, (though I admit I am biased with only having played 7, 10, 12, and 13). Basically, doing an FF13-2 is a bad idea to me because I can't image that people truly felt enough for the characters in the original game to warrant a sequel… There's a lot of rpg competition rising out of the west,… jrpg's need to keep up with the changes…

  • Cretin

    I know the standards of journalism have dropped like a lead balloon released from a tall building nowadays, but this is frankly taking the mickey.

    At what point is 'FFXIII-Versus' not a sequel to 'FFXIII'? The clue is in the name !!!

  • Tyrell


    Its already been decided by the true die-hard fans of Final Fantasy; Square WiLL make this sequel and it will surpass all of our expectations. The question now is will Masashi Hamauzu do the honors of blessing us with some more tracks for a second round—– Someone say "Sulyya Springs pt 2?"

  • matchy

    i'm sure, bad game or good game, people will, including myself, purchase a XIII-2.
    They know this and they will do it if they reallly wanted to.
    KH2 was pretty linear in terms of environment too, in comparison to the first one, and people LOVE that game.
    Maybe they were just trying to do what people liked, obviously it didn't work, and will try to fix things up in a sequel.
    the FF12 sequel is completely different from FF12, and it was still well recieved.
    I think it has a chance.

  • wenxuan

    Personally I just didn't like the rigid 'run down a straight line for 50 hours without a break or world/town to explore and people to talk to'. Final Fantasy XIII feels too fixed for a Final Fantasy and lacks the branching explorative depth in other more traditional Final Fantasy.

    I think I would prefer to play Final Fantasy XIII Versus or a Final Fantasy XV than to go back to Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Saix

    What this person is saying is nothing. Not even explaining why it is a bad idea.

    Final Fantasy XIII is a JRPG and sticks to the classical style of Final Fantasy by creating a unique battle system. Probably one of the most innovative battle schemes.

    A sequel would be a great idea, just change a few things; gameplay (Allow more freedom, not making it so linear)
    – Add mini-games to add spice up the game a bit to stray away from the main story line.
    – Add better side quests so that you can go back to an area you have been in and complete it rather than not being able to go back once you've finished the game.

    FFXIII was such a gorgeous game; Great cast of characters, solid voice acting, an interesting plot that deals with the emotion of each character and a unique battle system (which is probably the best thing about the game)

    I don't know why people complain but the Battle System is something to have high appraisal for.


  • minnie

    Hi, I was just looking for more information about this (in my opinion) -awesome- news. I have only recently heard about them in the morning, and I couldn't have been more happier to even think about how Square Enix could go about it; I just know they will surprise us with something really cool for the fans of this particular game.

    When I was finished reading your article, I felt I had to disagree with what you were stating about the game and the news. I respect all opinions, but in fact, FFXIII is and could be a great and entertaining game for even new fans to the series of FF games. FFXIII gathers all the elements from previos games and the team that worked on it, put their heart into it to give them an unique touch. To finish off, Square Enix HAS to make a sequel and my fiance also agrees to this.

    Waiting for this to become a reality soon.

  • Rufos

    Oh and Mass Effect is AWESOME. It isn’t a crap.

    Its a better RPG than FFXIII.

    And the solds aren’t important.

  • Rufos

    Do you know how many copies FFVII sold?

    9,8 milions!!! + 3 milions! And 2,5 milions in single weekend!!!

    The old ones are 3 milion times better than XIII!!

    Have you played them?! Oh I don’t think soo….

    After you play them… Come talk to me. After play those games TO THE END, Come talk to me. Who speaks sooooooo well of FFXIII or Never play the old ones or then played but didn’t reach the half of the games…

    I’m not saying ” FFXIII is the worst game of Square Enix” of course i’m not!!! But i’m saying is Square Enix is loosing to much time(5 years) and do a ”bad” game. FFXIII isn’t horrible but isn’t good to ( i dont know talk english very well )

  • Tom Ato

    This article is ridiculous. I'm sure most of the real FF fans would absolutely LOVE to see a Final Fantasy XIII – 2.

    Yes, the game was linear. Yes, the decision to remove towns, shops and talking to NPC's was stupid. However the game had one of the best story's i've ever played through, the quality of writing for the script was right up there with games like MGS4 and Uncharted 2.

    What I find hysterical is that so many people criticised FF XIII, saying it was awful, yet they bought it anyway. The game has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, much more than the crap RPG's like Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands. In fact, if it wasn't for Pokemon HG/SS, Final Fantasy XIII would be the highest selling RPG of the year.

    FF XIII is my second favourite game in the franchise (After X) and a Final Fantasy XIII – 2 would be a great idea.

  • Skid Row Trash

    I hate the fact that there is a Final Fantay Versus 13… is this the game I was supposed to get but instead they gave me the regular ff 13? This game was fucking garbage compared to all other final fantasies, even FF 1 was WAY better than this. I don't understand how square thought that running down a path for 50+ hours, until you get to the "open world" would be fun? What about the fact that you don't control your characters in battle, you can choose one of 6 autobattle types for them to use.. are you fucking serious?

    I would really rather have a game like FF6 (FF3 in North America). Back then everything was done so well, and the game didn't point you in every direction as they do from 7 up. Sure, I love 7-9, but the ones before that you actually had to think of where to go next.

    Square I guess didn't think people could figure out their games with your destinations showing up bold in a different color, and now just give you 1 possible way to go. Straight ahead, or stand where you are. How is that fun? Or an RPG even?

    Also, no towns? no people to talk to in the game? No stores? Well, I guess you can buy things from a crystal…..

    Fuck me.

  • Tyrell


    I dont know which Final Fantasy fans you've been hanging with, but the real fans still want more from FF13, the REAL fans see the great potential for an even greater, more epic FF13, in a FF13 sequel. SOME ONE REMOVE THIS ARTICLE NOW BEFORE SQUARE SEEs IT!!!!

    • cody

      no the real fans wish they would have never made final fantasy xiii. The game shouldn't even have the final fantasy name on it. They took everything good about the series and stripped it away. Personally i like a challenging, deep game, not one where i can hold the x and up button the entire game. This game was a linear piece of garbage. No side-quest, no open worlds,simplified battle system, horriable story and characters

    • We are all fans, are you sayng im not a fan because I dont like FFXIII, you know Tyrell you are really open minded. I do respect your opinion of liking and wanting a sequel but insulting fans that dont like the game and dont chare the same opinion as you is ridiculous. If your going to give your opinion please respect their view.

  • Leandro

    Square should make a game closer to FF7, FF8 and FF9? Sorry, but they're the crappiest of the series.

    • cody

      Surly you're joking just to provoke a repsonse

    • branden

      Thank god I'm not alone thinking that.
      FF7 was way too "OMFGITSTHEENDOFTHEWORLD", and didn't have any of the "fantasy" feeling present in earlier games.
      FF8. Do I really need to say anything 'bout that? The characters were flat, had no feelings or connection to the story (or to each others). The story was a lame remix of FF7 with less action and less explosions. We could play cards -_- .
      FF9 was good enough, but the looks of the characters totally killed the story. I can't enjoy a love story if the two persons involved look like they're 8 years old.

      IMO, the best games of the "new generation" (by that I mean the 3D games) of Final Fantasy are FF9 (minus the graphics and characters) and FF10.


    No Way! FF13 was crap! Total Disappointment! … and this is coming from some1 who has played EVERY final fantasy including NES and FF11 online … ALL of them were good except FF X2 and FF13 … Give us side missions, TRUE open worlds, Secret Weapons/Bosses … then maybe we will be happy but IMO FF13 was an epic fail! A sequel would be a bad idea … just make FF15 … and where the hell is Versus???

    Add me on PSN people! : SITHLORD-GAMBLE

  • Rufos

    I agree with this article. Final fantasy XIII it’s a bad game, its small, and don’t have sooooo story like the others have.

    They should look to FFVII and FFVIII.

    I love FF games but XIII was horrible and XIV was a terrible idea.

    Do sequel or remakes of those games and live the old times!

    PS: Square… Don’t do any game like FFXIV.

  • Big Kat

    The only gripe I had with FFXIII was it's linearity and lack of side-quests up until chapter 11 but everything else about the game made me overlook that fact. Seriously, some mini-games in Nautilus would have been awesome. If SE add more freedom for the player – allowing them to explore and do more in a sequel then I would be a very happy bunny indeed.

    I see a sequel as being redemption to those that were disappointed with XIII. For people like myself who liked it, it's extra deliciousness for us to taste.

  • Miffy

    This article doesn't explain why a sequel would be a bad idea, it's just a big rant. You hate final fantasy xiii – we get it, now get over it.

  • Displeased

    Yyyyeeah, for a die-hard fan like me it was tough to see my favourite series being deteriorated into what is now FFXIII. The characters were bland and unlikable stereotypes, the battle system was piss easy (excluding eidolon battles which were awesome) and the story felt forced. And now it's getting a sequel. With the same plot as FFX-2. Which was basically PowerPuff Girls: The Videogame.

    • Worried Gamer

      *bows* You truly understand how most mortals feel about the direction they are taking the FF world. I really wish SE would listen to the fans that have played from FF1 to current, versus the fangirls/bois they spawned to the series when they shifted from square to square enix, due to all the new fans more than likely haven't played the older ones or are just "OMG A NEW Square Enix GAME! MUST BUY!". They really need to look back at what made FF great in the first place. Bring back random encounters. Bring back either the ATB system (I prefer this one) or the turn-based system. Not the crap where it's basically a MMO, just for the console. They need to bring back the Crystals of Light, as I haven't even heard mention of them in a LONG time…. And they need to make it challenging, not a grind fest.

      To sum up what I've typed…. Go back to your roots and forget all of this ever happened. Go back to midevil-feeling, dark games.

      Well that was fun…. O.o never knew I could rant so much :3

  • tkirki

    i wouldnt mind a sequel but id rather have them finally do kingdom hearts 3 or get versus 13 out already

  • I'm with these, guys.

    This article is a sham. As Fans of Final Fantasy; we declare to see a sequel for XIII. And let Square Enix do their job of doing it, loser.


    Long live Final Fantasy. 😀

  • Mokky

    what we fans like is a good story line and battle system,square enix can try to create a final fantasy wif a more tradition way,like ff9, or ff 7, a true final fantasy should be those i mentioned,not to futuristic nor to old fashion. and the side quest should be very hard and interesting,like ff 10,go all the way around the world just to get a legendary weapon. Unlike ff13,just need to upgrade till its a ultimate. What square enix can consider doing is,make a game that story line is awesome,good and cool battle system, story must be longer than 13 coz 13 is too short,good side quest,and hidden bosses, square enix should take ff 10 as a example

  • jokerspawn

    terrible article.

  • Jim-x

    Sorry, but… you're wrong.

    Maybe I am in the minority as your post suggest, but the fact is I consider myself an FF fan too. I've played every game in the series apart from V and VI. XIII is one of my favourites.

    I'm too tired for this right now… but the point is, I personally would love a sequel and I'm sure I'm not alone. If you don't like it, don't play it.

    • Mkeys927

      I hope they make a sequel!(SPOILERS! SPOILERS) ————————————————————————————-> Cocoon should so fall out of the sky or something, and Fang and Vanille should wake up… 😀 FFXIII is one of my favorites as well!

    • LiP99

      I enjoyed FFXIII as well. Admittedly, Hope was a terrible character, along with some other lame traits in other characters, but I loved it. It's up there with FFIV for me 🙂