CoD: Black Ops 3D Confirmed – PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

Those of you who are anxiously waiting for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, then it looks as though the good news just keeps coming. Not only has zombie mode been announced, but the developer has also confirmed that it will be available in 3D.

You can see in the video below that Sanii Mandred from TheGamerAccess goes on to explain that CoD: Black Ops 3D will not only work with zombie mode but also single and multiplayer as well.

The 3D version will be available on all three formats, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – so headaches all round then. There is one issue though, how many of you currently own a 3D TV?

Having just come back from the Eurogamer Expo I was not too impressed with 3D gaming, I am yet to be convinced that it is the future. Do you think that a 3D version of Black Ops is needed?

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  • Hadi

    Does the regular COD game disk on ps3 work as 3d?? Or are there special 3d COD games?

  • danny

    i just brought a samsung 46" 3d led tv with a 3d blu ray surrendsound and a deent tv stand with an extra pair or rechargalbe glasses and a wi fi dongle all in at £2,227,89 just got wait a few weeks for it to get delivered and installed cant wait to watch sky 3d and play call of duty black ops in 3d omg i cant wait yeaaa

  • chief rgv tx

    I dont know but on 3d the gun looks blurry when your aiming, not sure, I will be chking out some more setting on tv, but it did look a little jacked up, I tried to ingore it, but dont know whats up though, I thought I had a bad hd connection, but it works great with my blu ray player with the same hd connection, if it it still messes up when I aim, I'm taking it back, it has to do a little with the side by side view, my blu ray uses checkard so right in the middle when you aim, it throws off the gun, side by side is not how the picture lookds blue and red, I dont know how they did that but you need to put the game on side by side

  • zach

    do you have to have a 3d tv

  • Pete

    3d gaming rocks. Cant wait to get a head shot in 3D. Yea baby!

  • mike

    3d gaming is awesome- depending on the game type of course. The only people who complain are the ones who don't own a 3d telly. Get or over it or get one!

  • Judgeshred

    Off to pick up my panasonic 50inch full HD 3D tv today after weeks of research and found thar it was currently best on the market for frame rate, least flickering and best over all viewing all for £1999 with 5 year warranty and free blue ray 3D DVD player! Bargain and that stoked I thought id share it with you all

    • Pete

      I got the same TV. Love it!!!

      • bneill

        my samsung 9000 series rips the panasonic.. yes it beats the 8000 , but not the 9000.. 3D is the future

  • CoD Master

    Just bought a Mitsubushi 82 inch 3dTV and will be playing CoD like a champ. Whoever posted they didnt think 3d works for games is a M-O-R-O-N. Games is what is going to drive the 3d tv market biotches!

  • Irish Dave

    I’m getting a 40″ Samsung 3D Full HD 1080p with built in WiFi from It’s €980 so about £800 or less. Mushi Mush, there’s not a chance of you getting a 50″ 3D TV unless you know somebody that works in a Sony Centre or Corry’s or any electrical shop. If you do ask them if they get any employee discounts you could get 10-20% off. Try first.

    Black Ops is going to be unbelievable in 3D. I had Avatar but didn’t have a 3D TV at the time

  • Big news now that the Rangers game is over.

  • matt

    I already have a full HD tv. Give me full HD! then you can work on 3d.

  • lorenzo

    Because of the red and blue colors on the gun, I’m I’m almost sure that it is passive 3D like the one in batman arkham asylum that can play on any tv with the help of the red blue glasses, rather than killzone 3 active 3D which requires active shutter glasses and a 3D tv.

    • peter

      actually the 360 is capable of "active" 3d just like the PS3 – see the avatar game for example.

      • Scott

        Hardware capable yes but it wasnt actually implemented. PS3 was the first console to have proper stereoscopic active 3D capable games implemented.

  • mushi mush

    i didnt know xbox is 3D capable already… anyway, i wud love to play in 3d but unfortunately do not own 3d telly. I am waiting patiently on xmas period / hopefully there will be offers 50" 3d tellies for around 600 quid.
    I have nothing against 3D and i am sure gaming will only benefit from it. Not sure about casueal TV… disocovery channel must look stunning as well.

    • low

      Xbox 360 was capable of 3D long b4 the ps3 sony is just now making a big deal of it.

      • Dempsy

        Yep !
        XBOX KICKS PS3's ASS !

        • Yeap! and just tested it on xbox, on my 3d tv, and its amazing!

        • james

          can you play black ops on 3d tv

  • marhorn

    meh! who cares? I dont think games work as a viable format for 3d, but gimme a Resident Evil game in 3d and then id invest!

    • miso

      yeeeeeeee! The new Resident Evil game of 3DS!!!! 😀

    • Dempsy

      iAgreee !

    • fuck marhorn

      I care bitch!!