Castlevania Lords of Shadow: How to Play as Solid Snake

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

We have some surprising, but pretty amazing news to bring to those of you planning to pick up Castlevania Lords of Shadow, as it turns out that Konami has included an outfit to play as the legendary Solid Snake from Metal Gear.

As reported from JustPushStart, it looks as if Konami decided to keep this one quiet, but it was rumbled on the internet recently. To play as Solid Snake, you’ll need to complete the game once then select his outfit in extras, according to some information in the game’s instruction booklet.

Here is a screenshot of it for proof.

You can even choose to wear Snake’s infamous bandana or not, although we’re not sure why you would NOT want to wear it while playing anyway. We know that Konami are fans of adding their characters in other video games (i.e Smash Bros), but this is definitely a pleasant surprise that no-one expected.

Don’t rush through the game too quickly though, Snake will still be waiting for you anyway. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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