Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode Storyline Hints

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

Despite the fact that Treyarch has finally given us a confirmation of zombie mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops, we still don’t have solid details on how the mode will play out yet. Luckily for you, we have some hints on the storyline for you.

You may not know it, but there is more to Treyarch‘s GKNOVA6 website than meets the eye. A user going by the name of GKNOVA0 has been providing hints, video and audio content for fans eager to know more about a potential story line.

I haven’t been keeping up with it myself, but a website that GKNOVA0 has set up has a vast amount of content all to do with the storyline for Black Ops zombies. There are various videos which you may or may not have seen already, while there is even a link to the official zombie soundtrack.

If you consider yourself to be a hardcore COD zombies fan, then chances are you have already heard about this website, but for everyone else – it is a great way to get a heads up on information before Treyarch announce it for real.

Head to the website here and let us know your thoughts on this. Have you spotted any hints on the zombie storyline which hasn’t been announced yet?

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  • aaron

    here is what i no so far the four of them ar teleported through time and space when then end up in an operah house they must fight off the waves as long as possible u see sams room before and after she was betrayed a science lab and a confince room are where u can teleport each room has a film that you insert in the projecter infront of the packapunch machine, 2 the outbreak has spread to north america where they have started testing on the zombies the doctor has gone mad and exposed himself to element 115 you start out in the pentagon where you play as jfk castro nixon and the secratry of defense once again the testing started on animals but then thats when the doctor lost it and started testing on humans in game he is indestructable and steals your weapons u then follow him and shot with your back up or main wepon until he gives it back

  • TO.

    where do you find the jukebox

    • Mike

      The zombies are monkeys, the crawler ones anyhow, you can tell by looking in large tins on the stage of kino der toten

  • jacob

    ok i have black ops and the first map is called kino der toten the guys did travel through time but the zombies didnt they have just been rampaging through for 20 years and have evolved thats y there are crawler zombies that spew gas that messes up ur vision when they die i have also noticed that in the main room there is a bunch of stuff piled up onto a wall but if u look more closely there is a door behind that and above the door it says beware of the 6 what could that mean round 6? is their a lever that looks like a 6? if u would like to enlighten me on what that means email thanks

    • Felix

      they mean as in nova 6 the gas that kills u if u get shot to many in 1 of the levels

    • jj

      it It means nova six the gas that spews from the gas zombies

    • hannah

      it mean its like a head up on the zombie dogs they come and round 5,6 and or 7 at the most so i hope that helpsm;D

  • mr.smiles!

    machine gun instead m1garand its M14 and instead browining its M60 nyways. granades ralso circular not box on a stick. ( map feuteres) Quick revive ( heres a cool thing with quick reveive. if in single player you drink it. and die u will fall down shoot for 5 seconds the GET up again?) also theres juggernog, MAYBE( amm-O-matic) ( not sure) and theres speed color and doubletap root beer ehm, instead of open doors u can kick them down. Zombies come thru many diffrent areas) including GLASSED DOORS) one thing THO there ARE DOGS… yes there is. hmm im trying to find out more guys, keep watching youtube.i hope what ive said is true U CAN ALL FIND OUT ON MONDAY WHEN IT COMES OUT! the map is called i think kono der untoten ( not sure about kono might be diffrent) and ummmmm thats prettty much it!!. yes there is a new type of zombie. its a zombie in buisness clothes lol ( dont know or somthin else) well i hope this HELPED!! CYA GUYS GALS

  • mr.smiles!

    Ok i hope people will read this but im gonna start the story.

    OK so ive watched many youtube vids and other things, and its richtofen!! hes talking on the microfone thingo. saying he dident know that the teleporters TIME traveled so thats were the zombies must have gone!now before a game of zombies starts u can see a comic strip of 4 guys goin into a tele and on the side it says 1941 1943 1950? then u start out. when u start it looks like u have just teleported. now i have heard richtofens voice say( theres no power, how suspicious. OR OBVIOUS!) and i have heard Nikolai say ( NO! Vodka mine! all mine! ( or smthin like that. the guns are very much diffrent new shotty new

  • ZombieFan

    Whats happening is that they will have a new zombie mode and it will have new maps BUT the hardened and prestiege editions will have the 4 WAW zombie maps and the new maps treyarch is desinging. And if you go to GKNOVA6 now it has a new video up showing a new type of zombie.

  • sam

    Black ops will have zombie arcade mode which is a mix between mw2's spec ops and zombie mode



  • Kevin

    It took you five paragraphs of repetitive nothing to say “look at this website”. Utterly useless

  • BlackOpsTiger

    BlackOpsTiger here. I created the website there. 😀 Treyarch has a great! story planned. Feel free to use the contact us section on the homepage and I will answer questions you have. Thanks for the link!

    • all ghillied up

      ok i will go to the site

  • mintedalex95

    i noticed the guy with the air mask being put in the cell thing and the sign that flashes up says 'attention' in russian. this makes me think that there will be russian zombies because it looks like they are turning the russian guy into a zombie.