Wii Injuries: Strains and sprains in feet, ankles and shoulders

By Gary Johnson - Oct 4, 2010

Doctors are reporting that interactive video games such as those found on the Nintendo Wii are creating their own type of injuries.

At a conference in San Francisco it was reported that the movement’s players used playing the games resulted in strains and sprains to feet, ankles and shoulders. There has also been dozens of “bystander injuries”, due to wild swings of the Wii remotes during play.

New players have been warned not to “overdo it” by a Nintendo spokesman. Injuries gained due to playing video games are not new, but was previously mainly strained hands and fingers due to hours of button pushing.

When the console was first launched in 2006 it brought a new way to play games with players using movements with the remote for specific sports. According to data kept on the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, there were 696 video game related injuries during a five year period.

Most of the injuries were due to traditional consoles, with the average age at just over 16 years. There were 92 injuries caused by playing interactive games, with most by using a Wii. Other reports of Wii related injuries include a broken foot by falling off a Wii Balance Board.

Have you ever hurt yourself using the Wii?

Source: BBC News

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