No LG Android 2.2 Froyo Tablet: Waiting on Gingerbread

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2010

The announcement from LG that they will not release an Android tablet due to the fact that 2.2 Froyo is not quiet quite good enough has come as a shock, but it is good to see the electronics maker wanting to get their product just right. This is seen as a huge blow for the South Korean company, as rivals Samsung will have a head start with the upcoming Galaxy Tab.

LG said that they would wait until a more reliable version of Google Android is released – maybe this will be Gingerbread? This could mean that the LG Android tablet might not hit the market until the first quarter of 2011, by then RIM will have their BlackBerry PlayBook on the market, but more worryingly Apple should have released their iPad 2 by then.

Reuters said that the LG official who announced the delay did not want to be named, but did say that the company has yet to name a specific release date for their tablet device.

LG might have shot themselves in the foot with this delay; how bad will it look when their closet rival is able to build a tablet that works on the current version of Android, and they cannot?

Do you think that this will affect LG in any way?

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