New PS3 Modchip In UK: Sony Successfully Combats

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 4, 2010

Modchipping consoles and handhelds has been going for quite a long time, going right back to the days of Sega Saturn and more modern games machines such as the original Xbox and the 360. Sony has had a similar problem with people modchipping their consoles.

We have seen recent news about Jailbreaking the PS3, but it now appears that Sony has managed to combat the latest PS3 modchip, which according to Tom Ivan over at has been obtainable to UK users since 13th September.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) reacted rather promptly and advised retailers to cease selling the Break device, which most did immediately. However, there were others who only followed suit after Sony had acquired court orders against them.

UKIE director general Michael Rawlinson spoke out about Sony’s prompt response, and said that it shows the interactive entertainment and video game industry’s commitment to putting a stop to the theft of intellectual property.

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  • Leonard

    No they cant. Just keep your PS3 off the PSN.

    • Hmmm

      Who the hell wants to NEVER play online?

  • Leonard

    Are they going to ban mobile phones and MP3 players too? all can be used to jaibreak the PS3.

    • Mark

      They will just ban the idiots using them. Everyone knows that Sony can trace if you have EVER used the Backup Manager utility.

  • WELL DONE SONY! *high fives* 😀