Halo: Reach – Credit Boosting / Farming – Accounts Reset

By Jamie Pert - Oct 4, 2010

If you have noticed people cheating on Halo: Reach we have some reassuring news for you, Bungie has recently reset the credits and ranks of roughly 15,000 cheaters.

Not only did these cheats have their stats reset but they also received a one day ban, it is thought that Bungie are currently working on an automated banning system, which once implemented should catch out people who are credit boosting and farming.

According to Bungie some players were exploiting Reach via an intentional network manipulation, this allowed players to complete a challenge more than 20 times.

Have you inadvertently had your stats reset? We would love to hear from you, perhaps you have been caught cheating, will this stop you in the future?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • lizard

    Man i dident cheat i saved my credits…never spending them and i still had to give three fourths of it for no reason!!!!

  • chump

    you guys are right bungie's being retarded, if they ban people from playing their own game people will stop buying it and switch to gay cod

  • C4508

    I think Bungie are correct in banning people for repeatedly doing challenges by taking their ethernet cable out or signing out of an xbox live account into a non live account because it is just ridiculous and it's not fair on everyone else because these peple who are cheating just rally ruins it for everybody and it is just not fair. I say if you want alot of credits then why don't you save them up!

  • Byrin

    if you say tie you analog sticks together and go into games just to get the CR will that get you banned?

    • Jordon

      I tried that and it didn't work after about 3 games it say's "it appears the host is away from the game" and takes you back to the lobby. and If you keep on doing it it will just keep on doing that but it will only take 1 game to take you back to the lobby.

  • Ray

    ive been caught doing the challenge glitch, got banned for 2 weeks learned my lesson but i dont regret it, i say have fun playing halo period stop caring about rank and credits

  • luke

    i cheated and have not got been found yet and im now a captin i thank if people find a way though there credits system let find it just a game i mean it not like it the end of the world sence your such a high lvl banned them if they do somthing wrong like put explit images on a map or mod the game but who care about armor and rank and credits

    • wots

      luke, the only thing worse than your cheating is your grammar and spelling. Forgive me if you are autistic.

  • markdean


    bungie changes way too many thing and thats why im selling it probibly making it CHILD PROOF so kids don’t screen through their mic. so i dont care its rediculas

  • person

    I disagree with bungie baning credit farming because I have the rank of warrant officer and it is taking forever to rank up. I tried the ONI Sword Base farm bbut I only earned 220 CR

  • Anonymous

    Is the oni sword base thing cheating or not im confused i only get 1 hour per week online the rest of the time i get 60 cr per game which really sucks so in 1 hour i try to get as many cr as i can and was thinking of giving it a go but if it will get me banned i dont wanna

  • puggle

    bungie drops the ball again. it makes more sense to patch the game to prevent exploits. But autobanning is probably easier. i'm not surprised at which path they chose.

  • mememe

    cheaters are sorry ass gamers thats why they have to cheat. they cant win with out cheating they are the scum of the gamer world………more then likey the jocks in high school that only no how to eat corn and throw a football….

  • cappedCredits

    what about LAN only gamers with xbox live silver accounts? Their credits get capped at 60 or less per game, that means no matter how many games they play or for how long, any noob can blitz past them in rank etc with just 1 game of normal length getting 10x or more credits than them for the same effort. Isn't that essentially Bungie cheating their supporters? Shouldn't that sort of discriminatory practice be targeted as unfair more than people trying to increase their credits to the levels they would be if it weren't for that uneven playing field?

    Bungie/MS is doing this just to drive people into paying for xbox live, it's not fair to ban people for credit farming when they can't get equal rights to credits any other way. It's discrimination. Games are supposed to be fair because life isn't fair and games provide an escape to an arena where you are judged by your merits, not your heritage or lifestyle choices, if games become as prejudicial as real life, then why would anyone want to play them?

    In the end i believe it is MS once again with it's fascist business tactics ruining something good that could have been great. Someday I hope everyone will be using and contributing to open source and MS will die from it's greed as people finally stop putting up with this consumer manipulation and stop willingly paying for crippled or defective merchandise.


  • Admiral

    I dont think it really matters at all if someone cheats for credits, the most they can do is have a fake rank and armor, it doesnt change anyone elses gaming experience just because some guy is a Lt. Colonel Grade 3 who didnt earn it legitly. I think the whole banning system is stupid. And they should also fix the booting system. Sometimes you have to betray once, sometimes 3 times, this gets really annoying in rocket firefight, i mean you cant not betray, getting booting because some loser runs on your grenade is stupid. Take booting out Bungie!

  • yo mamma

    I agree with Tom and Bungie on this, people who cheat are ruining the fun for the rest of us. Stop trying to find loop holes and just play the damn game. And why can't anyone like COD, Halo, Gears of War, and left 4 dead all at once?

    P.S. Roachy, Its anyONE and smart ONE, you sound like your 15.

    • MATT

      honestly….the credits do nothing for your game performance……… SO WHO GIVES A $H1T ANYWAYS

    • Jbq141

      well its a game i think if you just did what you wanted things would work out fine…like what cappedCredits said “its not the end of the world. Besides i havent cheated and it still takes credits away.

  • Bungie


    Bungie wants to keep the game fair and fun for everyone. They make plenty of money and don’t care about black ops. They have their core audience and banning cheaters is what makes their core audience happy.

  • roachy

    ya no, bungie has banned over 15, 000 people and reseted over 15, 000 people. its kinda dumb bungie is doing that, shouldnt they be patchin this up or some crap. cause bungie is so scared there gonna lose ther fans to black ops then y wont they just stop reseting people. seriously u guys? u think this is the write way to give punishment wen there so scared to loose there fans. all ya have to do is bann em for a week, simpel as that.

    oh and one last thing, if u reeding dis bungie or any1 else, " smart 1 bungie!"

  • MrFissure247

    Just go to firefight and set armor to invunerable and play on legendary. If you want fast credits and acheivements that otherwise are impossible. Only played the game four times and already have 31 of 49 acheivments.

  • Jet

    What about the ONI Sword base thing? i recall bungie saying not caring about that unless u reset ur commendations and doing it, but this article has me conflicted.

  • Tom

    Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.
    Bungie's got it straight. Credit farming is no joke. This isn't a game… wait…
    Well, anyway, if you're going to play the game, play it right. Bungie should do what Valve did and give complimentary armor effects to all players who didn't exploit this (maybe a white flaming head?). That'd be sweet.

  • DICK

    GUY is correct. They have banned those who complete a challenge, then either disconnecting immediately after. OR signing off and into a non live account. Then signing back in. Youtube search these tactics. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE NOT CHEATED… you are going to be fine. You'd know if you were cheating. Playing the game, such as Score Attack repeatedly is just YOU PLAYING THE GAME. 😀


    But for those who actually do cheat. YOU'RE LAME. 😛
    I'm glad you got all your shit reset 😀 LOSER.

    • Colby

      LOL tru that……ahhahahhah my games tag is KarFreak98 Nmaes Colby come play with me some time right now im almost a General.. ligit by the way.

  • dr buzz

    its not for firefight its because they reset challenges over and over

    • tomtom44

      my friend tried 1 cheat and only got 50CR's for over an hour, and he did'nt reset the mission over and over. I don't think that's alot of creds for the lengh of time.!!!

      • grimevil

        he mustve been doin it offline

        • funny bone

          he was i have a offline and online. when you play on your online account offline then you only get fifty but i played for a minute and a half on offline account and 678 cr try that

    • tomtom44

      have a look here http://www.bungie.net/ and u'll see what they have to say about this matter.

  • OneShotWonder

    credit farming on halo reach "Score attack" is NOT cheating, if a person wants to sit there and repeatedly play it, thats on them, thats how they want to enjoy the game, but i dont believe they should be banned over it, yes you can rank up and gain CR's almost 5 times as fast (plus challenges are targeted towards firefight the majority of the time) but to punish them for this manipulation is stupid, its part of the game

    • Guy

      That's not what they're talking abut, they mean finishing the challenge then immediately disconnecting from xbox live or the like and then doing it again to complete a daily challenge over and over.

    • tomtom44

      why put Score attact in the game?, and how long would it take to be a general, and all those creds you need for it.

    • Deadstealth

      Ya, i did that and was awarded with 1,000,000,000 credits. i bought inclesement weather, kat's arm, and emile's kirko knife and his helmet for my spartan. now my spartan looks exactly like emile. ho, i had also gotten the Tactical/Tacpad.

    • scotty

      ok what the hell i inly went online ONCE to try and get the recon helmet for reach and when i found out that i needed gold i went offline, and as soon as i did that all my credits were gone and ever since i can only get 50 credits!!! i have never cheated before and i really wish that bungie would see this and let me have my regular credits back.

      gamertag is "kestrel125"