Garmin GPS Watch: New Forerunner 410 and 210

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 4, 2010

A recent report by Tim Stevens from reveals that two new fitness watches are going to join Garmin’s forerunner range. The first model to mention is the 410, which has a large bezel with touch control and is said to work in all weather conditions.

Its display shows real-time data regarding your heart rate, distance and pace. When you are at home after the workout, you have the option for it to synch and automatically upload data to Garmin Connect via a USB dongle and ANT+.

Furthermore, the 410 is said to be around $325 while the 210 at $300 offering a less complex display. Both the new Forerunner models are suited for all types of users, and feature the latest Hotfix technology from Garmin.

With the 210 you also get information on time, distance and pace in real-time. The battery life for both devices lasts for about 3-weeks in power-saving mode, and when needed you can charge it via USB and upload your data to Garmin Connect at the same time. If you own a fitness watch, which one will you buy next?

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