Apple TV Jailbreak: Potential In 2010 / 2011

By Gary Johnson - Oct 4, 2010

It is not a shock to hear of Apple TV being jailbroken shortly after shipping, but the best is yet to come as developers and hackers learn their way round the device in the months ahead.

A new operating system was not designed by the company for Apple TV; it uses iOS4.1 with an app known as Lowtide for the user interface. This suggests Apple TV apps that are jailbroken will run independently of the main interface. This differs from the iPhone where jailbroken apps appear alongside official ones.

The iPhone Dev-Team behind the Apple TV jailbreak said “Literally the only UI application on the ATV is, but now the window is open for jailbroken apps of all varieties”. This could mean that Apple TV’s which are jailbroken may need another interface to access unauthorized content.

We could see apps specially designed for hacked Apple TVs as was seen with the iPhone soon after it came out. Classic video game emulators could find their way on to it as well, and controlling them may come via Nintendo’s Wii Remote which has been used for jailbroken iPhones. At the moment the Jailbreak for the Apple TV is not public, so avoid any websites offering it.

Source: TechWorld

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