BMW Recall 2010: List of US and UK Models Affected

By Alan Ng - Oct 1, 2010

Following on from the huge Fisher Price recall, we are now back to standard vehicle recalls and this time it is German car giants BMW. They are recalling over 350,000 of their vehicles due to a braking problem.

Courtesy of this report by USPostToday, we now have a complete list of the models affected by this particular recall. They include the BMW 5, 6 and 7 ranges with V8 and V12 engine cars, and also the luxurious BMW Rolls Royce produced between July 2001 and November 2009.

Although the models listed above are not deemed ‘unsafe’, BMW has issued this recall because of a fault with the power-braking system. It is important to note that the mechanical braking system in these models can still slow and stop the vehicle as normal.

Do you own a BMW model listed above in the US or UK? If so, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Jacob Reinwand

    Hello, I am a technician at BMW. We have been having various problems with these high pressure pumps and systems for years. But, being a technician that is what I see everyday is broken BMW's. The one thing I can say is that BMW is one of the only manufactures that is willing to "man up " to a problem without legal action being threatened. Or a safety issue. This is why they build such great machines. If you think about it they did not build the "HDP" pumps, they sublet this to a company. So how would this be there fault ? My guess is that it has taken the past three years to have legal compensation and evidence of a defective pump.

  • David

    I've already had the problem fixed. At my own expense last year. I've notified BMW of this and am waiting to hear a response from them. At the time of the problem, the dealer assured me that this was an unusual happening, but the manufacturer would have nothing to do with paying for it. Now we find differently.

  • Peter

    Still waiting for my official recall letter. I called up BMWNA to ensure they had my name, address and VIN number, to make sure I was part of this recall. They said to hold on – the letters will be coming at the end of October/early November to book the 4 hour appointment to fix the car.

  • Mille

    I have a 2002 BMW 325i . Starting the first year I bought it brand new i have a problem with the engine suddenly shuting off while I’m driving as if I run out off gas. I have to restart the engine again for the car to drive. Driving 50 -60 miles an hour this is a potential for disaster. This has been happening a number of times in the past years and they were unable to resolve the issue. Was there any recall regarding such issue? If anyone has similar problem please let me know how you get it resolved



    • Tres

      I have the same year and model as you have. No known recall notices. I did have a problem with my rpm suddenly shooting up and the car losing acceleration. I took it into my BMW dealership. They couldn't duplicate the problem after keeping and test driving it for several days on both surface roads and the freeway. My car has a steptronics transmission which requires me to shift into another gear ( almost like standard without the clutch) when I reach a certain speed limit. ie…..50-60mph. I'm currently having no problems with my rpms or acceleration. I'm not sure if this is similar to your problem or if you have steptronics; but hopefully this has helped. Keep me posted

  • Medgar Dominique

    What kind of brake problem I should have on my 5series

  • Concerned Customer

    I own a 6 series BMW and would like to know if there is a recall on my vehicle these cars are expensive and the customer/owner of any BMW or luxury car should feel secure when purchase a vehicle such as a BMW we getting our monies worth