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Samsung Epic 4G: List of Problems after Release?

The Samsung Epic 4G has been available on Sprint now for almost a month, and while it is considered to be a solid addition to Sprint’s lineup of handsets, there are some problems which are affecting some owners.

Engadget has written a report detailing some of these problems and they include things like GPS issues, slow 3G connection speeds, install problems in the app market and also complaints about battery life.

Sprint has acknowledged the problem to do with the 3G speeds, and has now stated that a patch update will be available soon to address this issue specifically – you can read more on this here. But what about the other problems? The Samsung Epic 4G is now considered to be their new flagship handset after the HTC EVO 4G, so it isn’t particularly good that complaints keep pouring.

Firstly, can any of you confirm the problems listed above? Or maybe you have encountered another problem on your Epic 4G. Leave us a comment.



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