Samsung Epic 4G: List of Problems after Release?

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2010

The Samsung Epic 4G has been available on Sprint now for almost a month, and while it is considered to be a solid addition to Sprint’s lineup of handsets, there are some problems which are affecting some owners.

Engadget has written a report detailing some of these problems and they include things like GPS issues, slow 3G connection speeds, install problems in the app market and also complaints about battery life.

Sprint has acknowledged the problem to do with the 3G speeds, and has now stated that a patch update will be available soon to address this issue specifically – you can read more on this here. But what about the other problems? The Samsung Epic 4G is now considered to be their new flagship handset after the HTC EVO 4G, so it isn’t particularly good that complaints keep pouring.

Firstly, can any of you confirm the problems listed above? Or maybe you have encountered another problem on your Epic 4G. Leave us a comment.

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  • Ken

    My epic has been a great phone, ive had it for about a year and now it starts acting up, everytime i restart my phone the date and time change to 16:00 and the date changes to december 31st 2004. i dont loose anything and all of the settings stay the same, besides this problem its a great phone though. if anyone could email me with a fix i would appreaciate it. Email =

  • stacy

    i just got my epic 4g touch on moday 12/12/11 and had so many issues they had to replace it, now i got another one and so far it seems fine except when the phone rings it starts out really low then goes really high. i heard they are working on a software update to fix it though

  • Yellow Monkey

    Mine won’t keep a data connection.  Only way to get the connection back is to restart it.  Well, doing that 5 or more times a day is a pain.  Not to mention that I depend on my e-mails for work as I’m on the road a lot.  The battery life is also a problem.  Lasted six hours yesterday with only two short calls.  I previously had a Samsung Galaxy and was quite happy with it but do to some holes in that provider’s coverage area I decided to change providers and that’s when I got the Epic.  Anyhow, The Epic is being exchanged for a Motorola Bionic today.  My local sales guy has been great and earned some patients from me and the opportunity to make it right.  In this case making it right is replacing the Samsung with a Motorola. 

  • Messi305

    There is.a huge problem my epic touch , it tends to seriously over heat when im,on the phone( using it) probably after 30 minutes . In general ot tends to heat up the top half of the phone pretty bad in constant use.

    • Gbundi1987

      My phone heats up too. I took it to a sprint store and they tried to blame the problem on me.  They said my phone had liquid damage. I never spilled liquid on it.  They just passed the buck.  I spent alot of time getting the run around from sprint and samsung.  They just wanted to transfer me to the insurance department and of course would gladly accept my $100 dollar deductible.  What a waste of time.  It sucks when we sign two year contracts.  They basically have us by the balls.

  • Genoric86

    I hav not had any big issues with the Epic 4g other than the touch screen not being responsive to my touch sometimes and the hard keypad not picking up each of my key strokes.

  • Genoric86

    I hav not had any big issues with the Epic 4g other than the touch screen not being responsive to my touch sometimes and the hard keypad not picking up each of my key strokes.

  • williams.kayla

    My epic keeps acting retarded like when i click on something it will click on something else and it keeps freezing. When i try to put my pattern lock in it will act crazy and it takes like 5 mins to try and put it in. Its like its something wrong with the screen or touch sensitivety. My battery takes all night to charge. I put my phone on the charger at about 4 a.m. and it was only on 44% at 7 a.m.

  • Petra

    Many problems with my Samsung Epic 4G. I have sent it in twice for repairs and each time it comes back with other problems. My phone is freezing up, shutting down while in middle of conversations, hanging up when a text comes in, low battery alert when it still has over 50% battery life, causing it to shut down, battery overheating, just too many problems that it has caused me to be without a phone for about two weeks. I finally got them to send me a new battery, but not sure if this will fix the problem.

  • Donna

    I have had issues since day one. I bought the day it came out. Speaker writ working, cant charge battery with the charger given to me with my phone. Phone freezes in internet use, text messes and email use. What else could go wrong. Cant afford to get phone sent in for repair, 150 dolllar deductible.

  • Samsung Needs to Fix

    Got my epic about 2 months ago… loved it until last saturday when the headaches began, the screen started to freeze but still responded. 2 hours later, the screen turned all black except 4 bottom buttons were lit up. i can hear the ringer go off but since the screen went black and unresponsive, the phone was utterly useless. took the battery out, no change. went to the sprint store and the technician tried to fix it to no avail, saying the flex cable is broken and tried to get a new part. Needless to say, ended up ordering a phone. Was excited to head back to the store today and get the "new" phone. Within minutes of walking out of the door, the apps kept shutting down. The screen goes dark. Marched back to the store, the advice was to take the battery out and put it back in. 3 hours later, i have taken the battery out at least 7 times. is this how a smart phone is supposed to work? this doesn't make life easier. for the price of the phone and the plans that we pay, this is totally ridiculous. Now that I see that I am not the only person with this issue, I am going back to exchange the phone for something else less painful…

  • android_sucks

    Many problems with Epic. Do not buy one. My experience with Android has not been good. Bought a Hero, and after months of trials and tribulation, exchanged for another one. Same problems. Sprint replaced with an Instinct. Nowhere near equivalent on the features, and it had problems. Paid about $500 for an Epic. Had numerous problems after the update. Slow, freezing, keyboard will not go away after sending text, volume control gets hosed easily, will go to one setting above mute for no reason. With all things, Sprint says do a hard reset. They have no idea, They are not supportive. Stay away from Android unless you like talking to tech support and getting nowhere.

  • Ron

    I've had the Epic for 15 days. On day 5 there were problems with the software. Sprint directed me to a service center and waited an hour while the software was updated on day 6. On day 10 the screen froze three (3) times in 5 hours, and the power button (nor any other button) would turn it off. I removed the protective case, the back of the phone and finally the battery. Repeated issues with maintaining an internet connection of any type, dispite the display showing either a 3G or 4G signal. Day 14, over half of the text messages I sent today (15-20) did not go though and had to be resent 2, or three times, again despite the display showing plenty of signal (3 bars to 4G). The strange thing I wasn't moving, I was in a major city, and the I could watch the signal move between most 3G (sometimes 4G) and zero in less than a minute. Given the reviews and issues, I don't believe Sprint should continue to make the Epic available until everything has been worked out. I'm in my first 30 days with Sprint and will be either trading my Epic in for a more reliable device, or going to another cell phone carrier.

  • justino

    My bateery gets warmer than anticipated when using some apps and recharging. It did not seem to do this the first few weeks. Is it fimware, hardware or the battery?

  • Narjis

    I was so excited when I used up my upgrade to get the Epic in September, and since then its been a constant disappointment. The phone will automatically switch out of text messaging while Im compsing one and go to email, or to the browser, or it will go to my messages while Im browsing. The battery is horrible. I understand if it drains if Im on the phone, but now, I'll come in to work with a fully charged battery and by 11AM the phone shuts down coz the batterys gone, no phone use!!! Yesterday the started giving me error messages that the battery temperature is too high so unplug the charger! So I took it in to the service center (only one in the town I live in) and they checked the battery twice and said its fine. They had a 3 hour wait to check the rest of the issues and I got frustrated and left. I am constantly killing any running aps, and goodness knows why the damn navigation thing keeps running in the background. My gps, 4g and bluetooth are all always off, coz theres no 4g here. Battery life is just COMPLETE CRAP. Overall Im VERY upset with the phone, I called Sprint last night and said I wanted another phone and they said they would charge me for the other phone AND would renew a 2 year contract. The customer service rep had no qualms when I suggested I would leave Sprint and go with another network!!!!!

  • Teresa

    I have 2 issues with my Epic. 1st and foremost is text messaging…it will go into "refreshing" mode and load old, deleted messages back on. This is the end of March, and my messages from September 2010 are being loaded back on. It's also reloading deleted emails from my gmail account. I've taken it back in 3 times, to no avail. Any suggestions?

  • onfus

    I have not had many problems with the phone other than an ocassion or two of weird behavior… like the alarm will go off in the morning and can't be shut down or the phone rings and can's answer – both seem to be screen related and both went away after a power cycle. Battery is not great. I am comming from an HTC TP2 and this clearly worst, I have concluded that the battery issue is mostly due to coverage and constant sync. I have installed Tasker, an app you can configure to do stuff on the phone, to shut the data and sync when the screen is off and sync every 2 hours unless something like Pandora is running. This has help me a great deal with battery life. For the coverage issue, I am using roam control sith some success.

  • Mary

    I have had 2 Epic phones in less than 2 months crap out on me. The first one lasted about 6 weeks and then this one lasted about 4 days. I have had the freezing thing happen a bunch. Pretty much having to pull the battery out and reset everytime I wanted to do anything on it. I'm done. this phone has been nothing but a problem for me and I'm off to the sprint store now to get a different model. I hope I don't have to get all mean/aggressive in order to get a different phone-that's not my style but seems the only way they take action for you.

  • patrice

    February 9, 2911. I purchased my Epic 4G on Feb 3, 2011, and I must honestly say, I love it. Now, as with any cell phone‚ regardless of the provider, you will problems. I, too, have a few issues with my Epic, but not to the point that makes me regret having purchase this cell phone. I don't like that I can't talk/surf the internet at the same time. Sprint knows that Att has the edge on this option. Actually, they're the only provider that allows you to talk/surf at the same time. I'm sure Sprint is on their game and eventually their customers will share the talk/surf luxury that Att customers currently have. My budget doesn't want that feature bad enough to allow Att rob me blind for talk/surf. I do have a laptop. Next and final issue is the slow 3G connection…what can you do…just can't have it all. A small price to pay in order walk around with a computer type phone that you can hold in the palm of your hand. P.S. my friend has an I4 and it sure isn't the cream of the crop, and Att has her cursing every month. Thank you Sprint for my 10% discount for being a AAA MEMBER.

  • Raechel

    I've owned my Epic for, after reviewing records, 97 days today. Over that time, my phone has quit responding when attempting to disconnect calls, had the charger that came with the phone quit working (the USB cable) when plugged into my laptop, my desktop, and the brick designed for the wall, had my husband's USB cable quit work on both of our phones, had the phone cease charging overnight (leaving me with a 50% or less battery charge frequently in the morning), and many other battery- and charger-related problems.

    The piece-de-resistance, however, for malfunctions with this phone came yesterday, when my touchscreen completely quit responding, taking "freeze" to a new level. I was unable even to place an emergency call, answer a call, enter the screen past the draw-a-design lock on the screen (placed to keep my children off my phone!), or turn it off completely. I had to pull the battery and replace it, and it STILL wouldn't work. After about 3 hours, it finally worked again, about half the time, and was completely unresponsive if it was plugged into the charger.

    Today, I woke up to find my battery claiming to have a 70% charge on it (again, having been placed on the non-Sprint/non-Epic charger overnight), only to have it scroll across the bar at the top of the screen saying "USB connected", flashing on/off, as if the plug was rocking in the charger. I remind you, it was not plugged in, not anywhere near the charger. When it continued to malfunction, my husband turned it off and turned it back on again, the battery claimed it only had 24% left on it.

    I had originally elected the Evo, and had it break within 48 hours of purchase, and swapped it for the Epic.

    If I had had my way, I would never, ever again own a touchscreen phone, nor one with a micro-USB charger as its only charging mechanism. My next phone will be a Blackberry.

  • Anna Carlson

    Well, whenever I charge my phone, it acts super cazy and doesn’t work at all. I used different chargers, and it still does the same thing.

    Also, smetimes whe I click a specific icon, it takes me to somewhere totally different. For example, if I click on the text messaging icon, it takes me to the internet. Or it takes me to my music. So then I have to turn my phone on and off many times.

    The battery life on the phone is not very good…

    Also, the keyboard messes up. For instance, it skips letters as I type and it changes the letters around. Sometimes if I want to type the letter “V” it changes itself to the letter “K”. This happens quite often.

  • Joe Bloe


    Say what??? Its true, isnt this the reason we pay for hotspot and or got 4G is to do that!!!

    The EVO will allow you to do both, but the EPIC will not. But who wants to use a phone like the touch screen only EVO where all you type in is mistakes!!! Dont know about you, but unless your fingers and thumbs are shaped like a Gecko, you will cover 3-4 characters at a time with your thumbs and fingers…WALAH, you now have a whole row of texting spelling errors and now you get to hit the endless back button to correct correct correct. BOTH PHONE ARE TREMENDOUSLY FLAWWED!! YICK!

  • Delvaun

    The samsung epic is a great phone i had mine the first day it came out. The problems im having of course slow 3G connection also battery is running out of juice fast may because im running to many apps so i use the app killer widget from samsung . And error messages for youtube and media hub

  • Donald

    if i try to do ANYTHING on my phone while its charging it will drain the battery. I KNOW it is not the battery because i have two batteries. My first battery overheated about three days after i got my phone and since then it has never been the same. I have an iphone wall charger, the wall charger that came with my phone, and of course a usb port on my desktop, all of them have brought no avail. Also, if i charge my battery over night when my cellphone is left on the fully charge message ccomes up, but when i unplug the charger in the morning the power meter reads at about 70%. I took my 1st phone back and the second one is doing the same thing. What I have to do is externally charge my back up battery in an external wall charger and then swap it with my primary battery when it goes dead and vice versa. i get about 10 hrs standby and 4 hrs if i'm always using my phone. Its also strange that i have experienced longer battery life on 4g rather than 3g. I love this phone but its frustrating having to swap batteries because i cant charge my phone and use it at the same time.

  • LUgal

    I purchased my Epic the week it came out and I LOVE it! I have had no problems of my screen freezing or anything like that. The only issue I've had is that the charger doesn't stay in the phone that well, but if I leave it alone while charging, it's not that bad. My battery life is decent when I don't overuse the internet or anything of that sort. Great phone! No regrets!

  • EAgs

    Had my Epic 4g for 3 weeks-slid the keyboard back in/up and the screen looks like its cracked without any cracks-backlight keeps flashing. Im super careful with all my phones-especially this one since we bought it outright without using my upgrade.
    So tired of Samsung phones-had the same lame problems with the Moment-breaks for no freaking reason.

  • gina

    I am constantly having to remove the battery to reset this phone due to it freezing up after no apparent reason. The battery life is by far too short for the amount of usage its had, other than that it's a cool phone. But in any urgent situation, I definitely would not recommend this phone for anyone who uses their phone any more than occasionally. Sad but true.

  • Brett

    I've had the Epic for a little over a month now and other than a few small issues, I have no idea where all these complaints come from. Yes, I have had the phone "freeze" on me a few times (it's actually just really bad lag but can seem like a freeze) but every time this has happened, I've been trying to run several large programs (i.e. pandora/dolphin HD/a game of some kind/some other random program) all without remembering to actually close any of them. Every time this happens, it seems like the phone locks up but opening the built in task manager and killing the apps then reloading the one I want works just fine.

    Charging takes a bit longer than I'd like and yes the battery life isn't great but as long as you don't try to use the damn thing as a replacement for a full time use laptop, it should last you at least most of the day.

    All in all, I freaking LOVE this phone. No regrets at all

  • willie

    hello has anyone had problems with the samsung media hub? I have had my epic since september and still do not have the media hub working, also I have a error screen everytime I try to get on to youtube. At least twice a week I have problems with facebook app. It says error in retreving content.

  • Art

    Yeap! Fantastic phone, but has a lot of bugs. I have to hard reset it (pull the battery off) almost every day. I am not using apps or messages, but I use emails on it a lot. I think I have to wait for a bug free version of it. though it is hard, but I am heading to Sprint to return the phone.

  • Tom

    Bought mine about 2.5 months ago. Had it for about 45 days, plugged it in at night to charge. Woke up in the morning and the screen was toast. Just showed a bright streak of colors. Reseting wouldn’t help so they had to change out the screen

    Now I’m having issues with 3G data connection. I can watch the connection randomly jump around from about 1120kbps to 17kbps, drop completely, race back up, roam… They’ve updated the phone, reset the account info, reset the profile, & wiped & reloaded the phone. No fix so far.

  • just bought the epic in september. After a wile I had to take the phone in for a replacement due to the bluetooth antenna being broken. Got a replacement and only after a day of using my phone it goes hay-wire. I’m constantly taking the battery out to reset the phone after it crashes. it gets worse each day. Not a good first impression with the phone.

  • nick armstrong

    i bought the epic 1 month ago and have had no issues, if your on the phone alot of course the battery isn't going to last long. the problem with these forums is that people dont understand that there is a piece of plastic and metal in your hand that u can talk to someone 4000 miles away. its an electronic it will have issues. freezing and locking up are normal with phone that rely on this much software. If you are on the phone constantly, on the web, text messaging and emails, your battery will run dead quickly with any phone, any carrier. delete text messages clear cache and cookies and you will probably see a lot better daily use out of your phone, a phone with 1000 text messages that need to be deleted will not run very well. clear it out.

    • That jerk

      your an idiot. Thats like saying if you buy a new car and driven it you have too expect it to break down alot. The reality is this electronic "HIGH TECH" equipment is supposed to be tested and if the manufacturer boasts its the best it should at least be more reliable then and antiquated model! Ohh ya and your stored info aka saved emails dont slow your processor or lock it up. And regardless of the distance the person on the other end of the call is from you a 5 minute call is a 5 minute call ( your cellar phone isn't running back and forth delivering messages) its communicating with a cell site most likely less then a mile away.

  • John

    I purchased this phone about 1 week ago and I Honestly will say I have had no problems with it. I did install the invisible shield screen protector and I have had problem with the bottom buttons not working as well now but that is it. Battery life is ok with a task manager program and everything else is great!!

  • Frank Troy

    I just purchased the Epic 4G today. What is it with the freeze problem on this phone? No word a lie, I must have pulled the battery at least 20 times today to reset this phone! Am I expecting too much, like the phone and its apps to actually work? To say the least I am Very Dissapointed. I cant deal with this and will probably go back to Sprint and return it in less than a week.

  • Sobers Rajakumar

    Well to update on the phone. After the tech reinstalled the software he also replaced the touch screen. The phone froze couple of times in the next hour. So I went to the store and the tech exchanged for another phone on the October 1st. The new Epic seems to be working fine. There has been no issues so far. The battery life seems to be around 2.5 to 3.5 hours which is the only unsatisfactory deal so far.

  • Dee

    I have had the Epic 4G since it came out. Constant issues with screen/phone freezing up. I have called Spring tech support numberous times and had to hard restart (back to purchase set up) 3 times. I am headed to a Sprint store to ask for an exchange to a better more reliable phone. Also, horrible battery life, if you use a phone a lot, you will run out of batter every 3 – 5 hours.

  • Shawnon

    I've had the Epic for less than 2 weeks. So far, I can't mount (connect) to Windows 7, haptic feedback for onscreen keyboard stopped working, have trouble connecting to 3G when 4G is unavailable, and the battery life isn't impressive. I switched from the iPhone, which had several issues of its own, but I'm reconsidering the wisdom of that move.

  • Gustavo

    I just got a problem charging mi Epic 4G. When I plug in the charger the phone wont charge the battery, after unplug from the charger the phone shows the battery icon as is charging and the led light stay on. Also the timer on the notification bar wont change too.

    • little bear

      my epic is a piece of crap. it overheats, resets itself, never stays charged. its slow on the internet…POS!!!

      • Petra

        I’ve had the same problems: Freezing, having to reboot almost after each phone call, phone shutting down when I’m on a call, low battery alert when it still has 50% available, causing phone to shut down, battery overheating, etc. At this point, I have sent my phone in twice and it always comes back with the same problems, and more. Unhappy, to say the least

  • Sobers Rajakumar

    I got the Epic 4 G for my mom. She has had constant issues with the phone freezing. Within 2 days of the purchase the phone froze about 10 times. When taken to the sprint store there was two other customers with similar issues. One lady had her phone exchanged to a new one because it had hardware defect. I requested an exchange but the tech said since it was a software issue he would reinstall it and if it still has issues he would exchange it for the new one.

    Great phone with touch screen and apps but the battery life is averaging only about 2 hours.

    • rudy

      same as mine! its always freezing this is my second time that they replaced but still have same problem