Paris Motor Show: Kia Pop Concept – Unconventional features

Over the past few years both Kia and Hyundai has been designing cars that are less boxy and more groundbreaking, and the Kia Pop concept is certainly proof of that. We know that this is still only a concept, but it has certainly turned a few heads at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

We first learned of the cars existence in August, but back then we did not have much to go in. We can now tell you that the Kia Pop electric vehicle measures just three meters and only has three seats for the driver and two passengers.

You can clearly see by the images over at AutoBlog that the entire roof is made from glass, this allows you to see that funky interior. The panel along with the display readouts is to be made from transparent OLED – if the EV makes it to production that is.

The Kia Pop as you know is an electric vehicle, so will have a limited range of just 100 miles, but will have a top speed of 87mph. For more details on this ore more visit our 2010 Paris Motor Show page.



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