Join Google Doodle Celebrations: Build The Flintstones Car

As we have already told you Google are celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones with a Google Doodle, but what about making your own life size Flintstones car?

A very enterprising handyman called lemaster63 from, decided to make the car for he’s young grandchildren who were dressing up as Pebbles and Bambam for Halloween. He constructed the car using a cartoon picture, and shows in detail each step of the build process.

The full guide in building one yourself is broken down into six stages with step by step instructions, and pictures. All the materials he used are from stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and general hardware and auto stores.

The car took around three weeks to complete with most of the work carried out on Saturdays. He used a lot of scrap wood he found laying around, and spent money experimenting with different parts and materials that didn’t work.

After all this the whole build still costed less than $100. He comments on the look on his grandkids faces when they saw the completed car, and he plans to make it electric and remote controlled. Use the link to see how he constructed The Flintstones car.



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