GreenPois0n Jailbreak 4.1 Vs Apple iOS 4.2: First to Release?

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2010

You may remember our report telling you that a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and New iPod Touch would be available before Apple officially updates to iOS 4.2. It has been over a week since that report, and we are now closing in on the deadline.

We say deadline, as Apple has just released the beta 2 for iOS 4.2 to developers, which usually means that a full release for consumers follows shortly after.

Chronic Dev-Team, the guys responsible for the Greenpois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.1 devices, have already stated that they are working hard on a fix, but it seems as if many of you are beginning to get a bit frustrated on the wait.

Take this user comment by one of our readers when we asked about iPhone iOS 4.2 and GreenPois0n for example:

”It’s getting beyond the joke now waiting for this Jailbreak! I’ll give it a few more days to see what happens but if nothings out by then ill be updating my phone via itunes to the new beta version of 4.2.”

We understand where you are coming from, but then again don’t forget that this is a FREE service from the iPhone Dev-Team, they could start charging a fee for it if they really wanted to.

Considering the length it’s taken so far, do you really think Greenpois0n will be available before iOS 4.2? Let us know your predictions on this.

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  • Ben Jala Melami

    To all who think they work for free: this is a business… Dont be fooled to think otherwise. The cidya itself is another ‘itunes’ store, where there are many Cool apps that Apple (steve jobs or carriers) Dont like. So, for those who rally need it… Gotta wait

  • Guest


  • gabriel82

    Well, from the first day when you are getting your iphone you are already expected to pay for the apps, and thanks for jailbreak, it is given you an extra bonus on using some paid apps for free, besides complain and rush, please show your respect and patience! please remember, the DEV-Team OWE YOU NOTHING, if you cant wait for jailbreak and wanting for free apps all the way, DUN BUY APPLE PRODUCTS, choose others

  • Sahil

    Yes it is frustrating, but guys as said its a free service and the good thing is all current devices WILL be JB on any Firmware, even 4.2 so it doesnt exactly matter if yo install 4.2 its still jailbroken

  • mo'

    pod2g sadi it'll be released within "DAYS" so be patient guys.
    I'm eagerly waiting for this too because I got my iphone 4 prebuilt to 4.1 and accidentally updated my ipod touch 3g to 4.1 so this sucks for me.
    so a little more patience is a good thing and don't forget it's FREE and unthethered jailbreak so le's hang on to it.
    maybe tonight or tomorrow or maybe later we don't know let's just wait 🙂

  • Tommy

    Yo shut the fuck up for all u Wack ass complainers like ppl say its free if u can’t wait grt a grip and keep it moving u guys are just ignorant fucks if they start charging u guys wud bitch about that to if they haven’t down half of the jailbreaks alot of ppl wud hate the iPhone espically me since I’m using mine for tmobile so get a grip or keep it moving

  • Dude wakt

    Hey guys, I know this is a hardware hack and all but…. Wait until 4.2 is released so all the poor iPad saps can get to the 4.x OS before Apple finds a magic bullet and kills it.. I know I know HARDWARE A4 but… You want to have 5 days of glory like the jailbreakme guys? If those dorks had held off the present iPods and later OS 4.2 iPads would be free….

  • Lachin

    STOP BeaTCHING!!!!! why don't you guys just wait! I'm stuck on 3gs 4.1 no shsh !!!!! i don't give a f*****K how long its going to take to release greenpois0n! I will wait until i see the link alive! God job Dev-Team. kEEP iT UP!!!

  • Stan3666

    Man at this point I would wish they would hold out and wait till 4.2 comes out, I would hate to use greenpois0n on my iPad just to have 4.2 released a week later. Cause I want apples folders and their multitasking so I would upgrade and the wait would start all over again for a jb

  • Tom

    Just wanted to say that the dev team is at work and i have the trust in them to make a jailbreak that works and without errors so ill wait i have tried alot of tools and nuttin but errors so ill wait because i know that it will be out when its ready props to them and i know its difficult to wait but i have no idea on how to do it so i trust the one team that knows their stuff so thank u guys and im behind u 100% keep up the good work

  • Joseph

    The only reason I am wanting this so bad is because I just bought an iPhone 4 about a week ago and it came stocked with iOS 4.1. The thing is I don’t like my phone without the jailbreak. It would be a different situation if say I was waiting for a 4.2 jailbreak yet I already had my 4.1 jailbreak. If I have a jailbreak I’m fine but since I don’t I’m getting kinda anxious. I don’t know if anyone else sees where I’m coming from with this.

  • lips110br

    I think it's a matter of expectations. The Jailbreak will be availble, i believe. However, people have lost patience because of all the hype saying it's really really really really really really close. Maybe it's not that close?

  • SmokeyDMcB

    I think the most important thing to remember is that these people do this free of charge for us and ask for nothing in return, what’s a few more days to wait really? So i say stop being so ungrateful to all the people bitching about how long it’s taking. Peace.

  • No, they was meant to be jail breaking 3.1.3 and that failed because spirit came out before and they started after Greenp0ison.

  • Ycdocs120

    Either release a jailbreak or don’t. Just don’t dick us around about stuff u obviously can’t figure out.

  • Ycdocs120

    Yeah the article reads that the DEV team is responsible for the 4.1 jailbreak…..that no one has seen! And you can’t tell me these guys don’t get kick backs for doing this. At least they get their super techno-weeny names out……..but then again it’s only important cause it’s important to them. And that matters…..kinda.

  • Bryan

    The benefits of having a phone that is jailbroken far out weigh one that is not.
    For those of us who have been following the jailbreak scene for some time…and by that I mean years, we all know that patience is a virtue. Its tough to sit on your hands and keep quiet while the dev's are making the programs and finding the exploits.
    Either you don't upgrade until the jailbreak is out for the new firmware, or you make the decision to enjoy the new features in the upgrade without a jailbreak. Your call, don't blame the guys working on this day and night for taking too long. If your going to cry or whine that this free service these guys are doing for us, then jailbreaking isn't for you.
    If you bought an iPhone to unlock so you can use it with a different carrier, I really don't understand why your complaining in the first place, YOU bought a phone that doesn't work with your current carrier out of the box.
    As for me, I too am anxious. My new iPhone 4 came out of the box with 4.0.2
    Im stuck like the rest of you waiting for the release, but really….does the default wallpapers really bug you so much that we all need to hear you complain?

  • STiKiller06MR

    Yes I think it will be released in time! and like all others are saying….. it’s fucking free! so I have no complaints…. even if it is released after 4.2 it’s still free! I send a personal thanks to the Chronic Dev Team for taking their own time and energy to create this for an ungrateful community of people who desire instant gratification!

  • Guest

    Save the exploit for 4.2! 4.1 is pointless when 4.2 is right on its heals!

  • Steve

    Please just give us a date. Hate the anxiety out of waiting for soooooon!

  • Jim

    It irritates me when people keep bleeting about it being FREE…. I would rather pay $20 and have it sooner, rather than wait 2 months for it to be free… there are lots of people in the same situation. It's not our fault the dev teams don't charge.

    • james

      thats exactly wat the people that jailbreak are trying to avoid. the hacker lifestyle is based on freedom and no boundaries. just look at the original computer nerds. all software was freeware and open source and bill gates just wanted to make money so he started charging.

    • sunala2

      If you need to unlock or jailbreak your device iphone 4 or 3Gs.
      please refer the link below.. ( Please note that this is a pay site )

  • manny

    listen for everyone whos being a ass to the team.Now that with you cant hack it dont talk it. Until you guys{ mean people} learn how to hack and stop talking smack, and be grateful that they are actually trying to jailbreak.

    • Dave

      Doesn't it seem a bit self defeating to advocate everyone starting from scratch and thus 'proving their worth'? From what we read elsewhere it seems that there is an exploit present in the bootloader (kudos to the people who found it). It overflows the buffer and crashes the device, thus allowing shell access or an execution of a small script. What you're saying is that instead of us banding together and furthering the work that has already begun (and properly acknowledging the people who made it happen), we should reinvent the exploit and then work in parallel to everyone else and in that way prove we are haX0rz enough to 'talk smack'. This is precisely why hacking scene gets nowhere – because ego is more important than the goal.
      Look, if the exploit is not fixable other than by changing the hardware (as we've been led to believe), then it doesn't matter if it is openly published and documented – apple won't be able to stop it, but people with an interest could play around with it – that is *anyone with an interest* – which is quite a lot more than 10 people who work on it now. You can't really seriously claim that the combined knowledge of generations of IT professionals is not up to par with these 10 people, no matter, how good they are.

      Publishing the exploit and documenting it makes sense if your goal is to *jailbreak iDevices*, and not *you* being the first to jailbreak a certain iDevice. Can you spot the difference or did I use words with too many syllables?

      Anyway, sorry for my pissy tone. I am just fed up with this crap. Not your fault.

  • Roy

    I bet you greenpois0n is going to be like limera1n. It exists but its not going to happen. Theyre just getting everyone excited for nothing.

    • Josh

      Actually limera1n is out.

      • nnn


  • Chris

    Wow, y'all need to stop whining.

    Usually, and even for free service, I'm ALL ABOUT being a squeaky wheel, because if someone providing that free service is promising that they'll provide it, they owe it to the people they promised to keep them updated etc… but that's EXACTLY what this team's doing—they have a blog for Christ's sake.

    They're doing what they can, and MORE. Don't complain. That's something to be thankful for.

  • slinkyheadfrog

    its frustrating waiting……….but what else can we do!

    • Benlego65

      Dude; if you have a mac, try the redsn0w 9.6b beta. Im currently typing this on my jailbroken ipod touch g2 (non-mc) 4.1 ipod, FTW!!!

  • Lee

    Man just leave these guys to work there magic I am waiting just like the rest of you . Keep up the good work boys

  • Some Guy

    To all of those who are so impatient, this program is free… FREE! if you cant speed up the process, or contribute to the dev team, dont say a word about how long it is taking. They are working their butts off for us. The very least we could do is show some appreciation and respect. Thank You Chronic Dev-Team, you have my respect and appreciation. Take your time, its not like anyone's life is depending on it. Again, thank you.

    • Dave

      I would gladly contribute… if only the attitude of the chronic-dev team wasn't: 'We would let you help, but we won't because you are a simpleton by default and couldn't possibly comprehend what we're doing. We are too 31337 for you'.

      • Heiro

        Excuse me but where did you hear that the dev team isn’t releasing any info on how shatter or greenpois0n work because they consider us all idiots? If I remember correctly they haven’t made their logs and debug info because they don’t want to tip the scales in favor of apple so that the jailbreak can be prevented earlier than need be.

        I believe they are working incredibly hard to provide a free jailbreak for life! That means you wait now and when you get to jailbreak your device you can relax and know that you’ll never have to try and jailbreak it again until you get a different device. That power right there should be more than enough to tide you over for the next few days or weeks.

        I just updated to the iPhone 4 from my original iPhone 2G that I got in 2007 on the first of september and it came with 4.0.2. I was so sad that there was no jailbreak and there wouldn’t be one. I’ve been patiently waiting and will continue to wait until the day I can truly free my iPhone for life!

  • mbrxjepp

    I’m new to jailbreaking but have read a lot about the jailbreakme process. Will greepoison work in a similar way, including saving blobs on a server? The jailbreakme slider was as easy as it gets! Just wanna make sure I’m not missing out any steps I need to ensure success.

    • agony

      Same here, I got my new iPOD 3g 32gig from my wife, of course synchronised with my favourite music and updated to 4.1… well she didn't mean too… anyways, use tinyumbrella to save your shsh blobs for your 4.1 … wait with 4.2 upgrade until 4.1 jailbreak is released and made user-firendly (something like spiritjb or jailbreakme)

      when it will be released I don't know, and I don't care, but I am certain that it will be released …. although hackers are doing it for free, remember that there is a whole jailbreaking "industry" supporting this, making quite a lot of money … I read somewhere that Cydia had a 3 mil USD profit or turnover, last year…. and if I was a hacker I would certainly try to get sponsored for my work – just a thought 😉

      • mbrxjepp

        Cheers, that’s what I thought I had to do. Much appreciated!

  • lalaland

    no, youll have to plug your iphone/ipod touch into your computer and launch the jailbreak application

  • KDJ

    "…but then again don’t forget that this is a FREE service from the iPhone Dev-Team, they could start charging a fee for it if they really wanted to." — cant charge a fee for something thats not out eh?

  • Tiphone

    I think so. Maybe they are really working on it or just trying to get popularity out of it. I appreciate their work but after they release it no one would really care about the amount of time it took. No one remembers a hacker after they get what they want. And every five minutes it’s an update like it’s getting closer Omg it’s closer Omg it’s even closer it’s just really annoying but I will be patient.

  • Josh


  • dominojoe

    If it's beyond a joke waiting for the jailbreak why don't you just jailbreak it. I didn't think so.

  • Rod

    yes i think. it 'll be ready before 4.2.and please thank to the .DEV TEAM 'cause they take their time to do this .And is FREE. If you Not Agree ,just forget about jailbreak .or go somewhere else and PAID for !!!!

    • Dave

      I would gladly pay for it. I am fed up with updates along the lines of …'it is literally days away guys… obviously we won't tell you how it works because your tiny mind cannot comprehend the hax0rin3ss… and obviously we won't tell you when it comes out because that would spoil the fun…"

      • EminentFate

        Well they won’t say a release date so if there is a problem they won’t end up having to say, “Sorry guys! it’ll be a little longer because we ran into some bugs.” that’s why they wont specify a release date…. just be patient. Btw if you could comprehend the way it works you could make one yourself.

        • Dave

          Please reread your last statement and tell me it's not silly. Few examples from the top of my head – I can comprehend how the Internet works and yet feel no need to build one myself – I can, however, still improve a small part of it; I can comprehend how my car works and yet feel no need to make one myself, while still being capable of installing a car stereo or new spark plugs. Generally speaking all science is based on small steps that build on discoveries of other people – there is usually no need to start from scratch. It is roughly the equivalent of saying the only way a person can be said to be capable of using their computer is if they developed their CPU themselves.