Darpa Flying Humvee: Transformer vehicle almost reality

Back in July we reported that DARPA was working on ‘The Transformer’, which will be like a ‘Flying Humvee’. We can now report that this looks set to become reality, as the AAI Corp has now got the contract to study the idea of such a combat vehicle.

It is not known how much armor will be on the vehicle, the more they add the harder it will be to lift off the ground. These are the kinds of questions that will need answering in the study, as they need to know if this will be a practical idea.

Joseph L. Flatley from Engadget learned from Wired that testing is thought to last at least 12 months at a cost of $3 million – that’s a lot of money to learn that the ‘Flying Humvee’ will be an easy target for an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade).

Once all testing is complete and if the military are happy with the results, then expect to see a prototype some time in 2013, don’t hold your breath.



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