Apple TV Has 8GB of Storage: Great News for Greenpois0n Hacker

By Jamie Pert - Sep 30, 2010

On September 20th we suggested that the iPhone hacker Joshua Hill (aka p0sixninja) would perhaps work on a jailbreak for the new Apple TV, a recent p0sixninja tweet has again hinted that he may well be looking to exploit it.

Yesterday he tweeted “Looks like new AppleTV has 8GB of storage room. Plenty of space for a few extra apps ;)”, prior to this tweet we werent sure of the new Apple TV’s internal storage, this is because it stream movies, TV shows, music and photos, instead of storing them locally.

As far as we know all of p0sixninja’s time is being spent on the Greenpois0n jailbreak for iPhone/iPod Touch, however this could arrive within the next few days, which means that he could then perhaps concentrate on the Apple TV jailbreak.

Will you be interested in jailbreaking your new Apple TV?

Source: Twitter

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