Toyota Prius (Alpha) Minivan Spotted: Differences

We cannot be certain if the new Toyota Prius Minivan will be at the Paris Motor Show 2010 or not, but for those who would like to know how things are progressing, then some spy shoots have surfaced. We do not know for certain if this is the new Alpha or not, but Phil Alex from Carscoop believes that these are the first images to appear on the Internet.

There have been a number of rumors as to what the new Toyota Prius Minivan will look like, which is believed to be called the Alpha. Looking at the images we can see that the design looks to be slightly higher than the standard Prius Hybrid, but looks to be much longer.

You can clearly see from the spy photos that it is a Prius, and that there will be more cabin space. Looking closely at the images it seems that the doors are standard, instead of those sliding ones that we have been seeing on a number of minivans on the market.

The new version of the Toyota Prius should be released some time in 2012 with two other models, until then we hope to see some clearer photos make their way to the web.

Do you think that the new Prius will be as popular as the current version?



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