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T-Mobile G2 Hands-on: Their best Android phone yet

The T-Mobile G2 from HTC is the successor to what was known as the first Android handset, and will be released to the market next month. Existing customers will get their hands on the device much sooner than those who are not, but are they really that bothered?

Joanna Stern from Engadget spent some time with the device during the Best Buy holiday event and was able to offer a hands-on preview of the device, which you can see in the video on their website. You can also see a few new images of the HTC G2 on the Engadget website as well.

Stern was not shy in saying that this is T-mobile’s best Android handset to date, but I have to wonder why it only comes with an 800MHz Snapdragon processor? The 521MB of RAM is more than enough to handle all the tasks, but I still wonder if the CPU is a little underpowered? (More specs here).

Joanna points out that Engadget will offer an extensive review of the device once they get one in the office, so for now the video will have to be enough.

Do you think that T-mobile and HTC has done enough with the G2?


  • matt m

    The T-Mobile G2 is probably the best phone on the market still to this day March 23rd, I say that for multiple reasons. First it doesn't run Ugly Sense UI, so it doesn't need a 1ghz processor to run Stock Vanilla. 800mhz scorpion outperforms 1ghz snapdragon.Second it got an update for wifi calling and tethering.

    Third SLCD screens are just as good as AMOLED, try to argue me on that. Oh the blacks are better on AMOLED, its a freaking phone, not a 60in Plasma were talking about. I hated the hinges at first but grew to accept them.

    It will get updates before any phone besides the Nexus line. Its solid….Whoever said its only a 5mp camera….ITS A PHONE CAMERA>>THEN LENS IS TINY ANYWAY, it wont take glamorous pictures but it still will allow you to take your mirror shots for facebook.

    Ill rant more if you want

  • Alina

    Thats so nice I really want to have one too could you tell me more about it?

  • Matt
  • Tony

    This phone is a real disappointment. I purchased the G1 when it first came out and I thought then and think now that it was the most advanced phone of its time. The G2, on the other hand, is anything but that. It is under powered, it doesn't have a front facing camera, the camera that it has is only 5mpg, the ram is marginal at best, the battery is not on par with the competition and the screen is smaller than the competition (Samsung Epic 4g). The G1 had several features that it took the Iphone years to get and T-Mobile will have to do much better for me to upgrade.

    • PlayHard

      I think it all based on your preferences. I am really unsure of the phone until I get it in my hands, because I really do not want to large of a phone and to me the vibrant is to big and a bit cheap feeling at some point they become more of a small tablet and not a phone. From the hands on reviews I have seen the G2 appears to have a more solid feel. I would agree with you if your currently using touch screen then maybe its not worth the upgrade, again come to what your looking for in a smart phone. Some of the other carriers have better phones, but I am not going do away with my current deal with TMobile to pay more when really none of the phone are that far apart from each other.

    • dinarded

      Nice review considering you haven't seen one in person yet.

    • Alina

      Hi Tony Why the phone is so bad because I want to baought it too…Could you tell me more..pls..

  • Impshial

    The reduction in clock-speed was made to improve battery life. The 1GHz eats through batteries, and the 800MHz reduces that, without a noticable difference in speed. The GPU is also adding enhancements to performance as well.

  • lwalty

    I was told the same thing about the T-Mobile Vibrant, how it is the best Android superphone T-Mobile had to date. I think what would make to G2 so attractive compared to the Vibrant is the Android 2.2 OS. The Vibrant has a 1GHz CPU with 16 gigs of memory, with an expansion slot for up to 32gigs. Except the OS is an Android 2.1 and looks like it will NEVER be updated.

    The glory of the G2 must all hang on the “Froyo”!

    I would like to know it T-Mobile has made up their minds on allowing WiFi tethering on 2.2? Any thoughts?

  • aberkae

    Actually we are waiting for you review it will either brake or make many decisions on the purhpchase of this phone. Thought early benchamrks prove this processer as a performer better then nexus one.

  • Janos

    Dude it's not a Snapdragon it's a Scorpion, the successor to the Snapdragon in my opinion and the G2 is the first phone to have it. It has much higher performance for multimedia-related SIMD operations and has ATI's OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU. In benchmarks it has already annihilated the Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus One and HD2. It does have a lower clock rate but can handle tasks much better so you can't do a 1:1 comparison to the snapdragon.


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