Setting Up Microsoft Kinect – How To Guide (Video)

By Jamie Pert - Sep 29, 2010

If you are thinking about investing in Microsoft’s latest invention, the team have put together this handy video that shows you how to get the best optimal experience out of Kinect when you manage to get your hands on one. This is mainly down to the fact that Microsoft have had lots of emails querying how to set it up.

Microsoft say that for optimal experience you must try to get the camera as close to the middle of the television as possible, with an ideal gap of around six feet between you and the camera and three or four feet either side of you.

Even lighting and clean floors are also highly recommended to get Kinect’s skeletal system to accurately track you when you are using the device in your selected room.

In other news, Microsoft also say that Kinect will have a bigger launch with that compared to the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3.

Without further-a-do, you can check out the video below to see how Microsoft want you to set up your Kinect device for your optimum playable experience.

Source: CVG

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  • Miss*Riss

    my boyfriend was setting the whole microsoft thing up on the computer and somehow im guessing he messed up bc now my computer is all changed arnd and pics r locked. does anyone kno how to change this or what happened?

  • dave

    how is it ahead of its time?? remember the eyetoy for playstation2? i also remember playing little tech games that came with an intel webcam for the pc years before the eyetoy. not new, not revolutionary and not fun for 150 bucks

  • Raiddex

    I think Microsoft got ahead of themselves when coming up with Kinect (Project Natal). Great idea, but not for the typical casual or hardcore gamers. First problem, casual gamers will pass on Kinect once they realize they have to rearrange their room that Kinect is in. And the same will go for most hardcore gamers; they're not going to rearrange thier perfect gaming set up just to play some childish games like Kinectimals. Second problem, like Jasen said, make sure nobody does anything while somebody is using Kinect. If you have babies or toddlers, oh well, Kinect isn't for you. If you have a party of friends, again, Kinect isn't the best option. Last, what about those commercials that show the family playing the car game next to each other and goofing off? Obviously that was FALSE ADVERTISING. Perception is key Microsoft. If you mislead your consumers in your commercials, you'll have a hard time getting them to buy any of your products.

    like I mentioned, Kinect is ahead of its time. Too many restrictions to make it fun to set up and then play.

  • Scarface3010

    I have the Move and my cat is constantly walking in front of me with no problems. I totally could see my game getting messed up if I was playing with the Kinect. I see so many problems with the technology.

  • allanmichaelsinc

    Yeah, I set my room up to have optimal room in front of the TV… I have a good 8 feet in front of it for room. Can't wait!

  • Jasen

    Step 1: Clear out your room. Make sure you have nothing in the room other than a TV, Xbox, Kinect and yourself. Be sure there are no reflective surfaces or objects in the room. Also, be sure there are no objects in the room at all. In fact, we suggest painting your room white…bright white…and removing all furniture.

    Step 2: Plug in Kinect and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate. Once your Kinect has been calibrated, you will be ready to play!

    **NOTE: Be sure friends do not play to close to you as their motions may be interrupted as your own and confuse Kinect. Also, be sure no one is talking or moving in front of or behind during your turn as this may result with Kinect not functionally properly. Everyone must sit still and be quiet until it is their turn to play…or else…**

  • joshua

    looks great!

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Already preparing my room, its kind of ridiculous though, but nice to know!