Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmation: Are You Disappointed?

Now that Nintendo has officially announced the Nintendo 3DS release date, we thought we would get some feedback from our readers, this is because we get the impression that the February/March release date isn’t too popular.

In previous posts we have received comments from readers who were hoping to receive the 3DS as a Christmas present, obviously there is now absolutely no chance of this happening.

There is one good thing about this early 2011 release date in my opinion, parents won’t feel pressured into paying over the RRP to ensure that their children get what they want for Christmas. Back in 2006 the Nintendo Wii was released a month or so before Christmas, the supply couldn’t meet the demand, which resulted in some people paying over double or treble the RRP.

We would love your feedback on this matter, therefore feel free to answer the poll question below and add your opinions to the comments section.

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  • Some Guy

    I'll buy it anyway, though. Whatever I have to pay to get my hands on one.

  • David

    I am not disappointed, because not interested in a hand held that cost as much as a PS3 or 360. and 3d on a 3 inch screen is not much of a selling point. It is cool that it is glasses free and all but still to expensive for a gee wiz gadet.

    • CrusaderDeleters

      yeah, why does nintendo not release 3-d games on the wii?!?! and make MM and OOT over again on the wii?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? srsly. i do not know how OOT will be able to be played on the DS, if you have to use the stick, i'm gonna be pissed off. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO (good) ZELDA GAME THAT USED A STICK FOR CONTROL!!!!!

      • Some Guy

        Actually, the original OoT used a stick, and Majora's mask and Twilight Princess. All (apart from Twilight Princess) were amazing games, Twilight Princess just being a bit too hard.


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