Nintendo 3DS: Price too Expensive?

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2010

Following on from our main article on the official Japanese release date and pricing for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, we know to know your initial reaction to Nintendo’s price point. Do you think it is too expensive, or reasonable?

For a brief recap, Nintendo has just announced at their September 29th press conference that the Nintendo 3DS will be available in Japan on February 26th, priced at 25,000 Japanese Yen.

We shouldn’t expect a direct conversion for US pricing, but that figure translates to just under $300, 298 to be exact. For a next-generation system, do you think $300 is reasonable for the 3DS, or completely out of order?

To put the figure in perspective, you can pick up a 120GB PS3 Slim for the same price on Amazon, while you can also pick up the new Xbox 360 250GB console for $299 as well.

Can you justify paying $300 for the Nintendo 3DS or not? You could argue that the price is likely to drop a bit for the US market, but we can’t see it dropping too much to be honest.

For the average gamer, this may seem a bit expensive, but then again, the 3DS does feature some amazing hardware. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Coverage from the press conference can be seen over at IGN here.

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  • why can’t you put the 3DS in a lower price

  • 3ds cost to much.I’m waiting to buy it when it is at least $150.That might be awhile though.You know what Nintendo needs to wait at least 5 years to upgrade there game systems.The only reason I’m going to buy the 3ds is because the games I want are only coming out on the 3ds.And who knows the game might as well be lame.Lower the price ok.

  • Neon

    Very expensive. My dad would never agree to the price. I'll just wait for it to go down maybe 200 dollars or something. Until then I'll just keep my DS Lite. 🙂 But when it DOES go down to 200, my mom will be getting my Lite. Yes she plays some puzzle games in it lol

  • bobby

    dudes this is reasonable because its new so what do you expect ?

  • Sophie

    It's way to expensive. My Dell mini cost $250 and they want mee to a a handheld video game for $250-$300! No way

  • chondon

    sexy chicks whts up

  • stephbro

    250 makes me wince i mean i could save up my allowance to get it but i got the wii when it like FIRST CAME OUT and i nearly had to save up for like a year nintendo seems to overprice things i would price this aroun 150 or 120

  • nitendo lover

    too expensive… $200 is my max..i really want to buy it.. but, what can i do?? i really can't afford it..

  • Winged-fox

    Youve gotta be freaking kidding me! I expected it to be at least as much as a DSI, maybe a little more, like 180$.
    But 250%? There are many other things I could get for 250$!

    And then there are the games, nintendo really expects me to shuffle out 250$ for the game system, the another possible 70$ for a game?!


  • S****o

    Totally going to buy it. It's new tech even if it's small and a hand held device. Have you people even thought of the money it costs to build this thing?

  • SadGameboy

    That might be true but why the unfair pricing and why on earth is it not region free! Im sure i will love my 3DS but still.

  • Wes

    lol, looks like some people who worry about the price of games haven't heard of an acekard 🙂 Definitely gonna buy, it's so worth it. I've gotten more enjoyment out of the DS then my xbox or even the wii.

  • SadGameboy

    People think 250$ is too much? In Sweden it costs 415$ So don't move here! …….

  • jack

    in england it is £250 thats around $400

  • poolol

    it isnt that expensive for a ds that can show 3d pictures without havin to wear those stupid glasses!!

  • henry

    im getting it. 250 was my limit

  • billy bob

    This is going to revolusionize gaming really 3d wit no glasses thats awesome its only 300 im pretty shure you would pay more for an ipo touch

  • james braselton

    hi there what do you think about the psp 2 price of $350 on the internet for old 2D and resolution 480 by 240 and with only 512 mb or 1 gb internal flash memory psp 2 will just be a expensine psp go with internet specs soo far

  • Opossum 1

    I got my first gen ipod touch for that much and apple is expensive.Nintendo has always been my alaby in price.So this is too much for me.

  • Jwalker

    Even with a job, 200 is my limit. I MIGHT, get it if its 250 buts thats just pushing it waaaay to much. No handheld in my opinion, should cost more that 250 dollars. If nintendo really wants to make bank on this system, then how bout they price it between 150 and 200, that would really get them sales.

  • Lau

    For all it's unique features
    i think 250 is really reasonable

  • guymanperson

    i think 250 sounds likely, while yes it is a little high remember this thing is dishing out some serious hardware and is a major upgrade from the old ds line. now yes of course this is expensive but for what its offering it isnt any different than shelling out the money for an iphone or god forbid an ipad. i have to admit that if it is 300-250 it is a bit steep but i would say that for all the substance that nintendo has cramed into this it justifies the higher price range, i wouldnt let the price get in the way of the 3ds it would be alot to miss out on

  • Pasho

    But you also have to take into consideration that is a Television. It is much bigger, and less compact and not as portable. Also the 3D will not have things popping out at you, especially if they don't use glasses. T.Vs also have, you know, all that HD stuff I will not go into. My main point is that the 3DS will be a great system, but if you thought the 3D was like something you see at a movie theater, or even inside your own living room, you are thinking into the future.

  • Runtilishous

    I just hope that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be available on the regular DS Systems.. The title kind of ruins that hope though…

  • Runt

    I don't think it will be 300 USD, but somewhere in the range of 200. Of course, people would be way too caught up thinking about the aftermath of the purchase rather than the console itself. And yes, Nintendo would be "out of their minds" if they sold it for 300.

  • John

    That freaking thing is 3D! WITHOUT GLASSES! I CAN SEE WHY ITS $300! I SEE THE MAX ATLEAST $450!!

  • Firearia

    Hmm, I'll gladly pay that much as long as game prices don't shoot up… I don't feel like paying PS3 game prices for DS ones… I hope they stay in the 40 dollar range, but they probably won't. ^^;

  • cheapskate

    Hey do you guy know how much it cost presently to make a screen where you can see 3D without glass ?
    I saw a program a few days ago and they were talking about new television that was able to play 3D with glass but at crazy price 22 inch TV for more then 5000$ that's how much it cost with current technology to make a screen that can play 3D without glass.
    So i wouldn't be surprised if nintendo lose some money with the 3DS like what happened with the PS3 from sony until around last year.
    I think with all the feature 3DS will offer 300$ it quite cheap.

  • Wee

    it may be expensive, but what about the iphone? all it is, just a phone with a small screen thats bad for your eyes, unadjustable memory unlike the psp or nds, and a bunch of apps that you must pay for.

    Dont, forget, the 3DS is the first handheld that has 3D capacity, so they got a monopoly which could be a reason for the increase price. It also has a camera(which is usually 60$ alone) free wireless connection(unlike the xbox 360…), and to me, has graphics that rivals the current great handheld that I oh so love, the psp. I'm sure it has a bunch of other functionalities but thats all i can think of atm.

  • Sarah

    Too expensive… I was hoping for something around $200, actually. I have money set back for it and everything. I just don't know if I want to waste an extra $100, you know?

  • qqmoar

    Well, the same thing happened with PS3. Awesome engine + Blu ray = Expensive and they didn't generate a lot of sales in west compared to xbox/wii during the first year. PS3 climbed up when the RRoD incident but then PS3 was still expensive therefor there's only a few % of sales made.

    If 3DS will go for $300 – only hardcore DS lovers will buy it, average gamers will wait. I know my friend will buy one ASAP but as for me, a non-ds gamer, I'd wait for a decent price like 130-160

  • Encrypt

    200 tops for me. Though I expect it to come out new for $250 just like the psp go. Just wait to see what the psp 2 has to offer and some new tablets look like they have gaming in mind.

  • Greg

    Well I won't be able to experience it anyway since I have Monocular vision. If you don't have perfect vision you won't be able to see the 3D. I think that is going to cost nintendo a few sales. I really hope however Nintendo just makes the 3D a cool add on in the games not something you have to see in order to progress/play through the games because if that is the case me and a few other gamers out there who have vision problems wont be able to play new nintendo games for a very very long time 🙁

  • omar

    damn i thought thst ds were supposed to be cheap like under 200 like i got every single ds and they were all at great price… so i think that 300 is like way too much! like i aint going to be paying 300 for a lil game system why dont i just go ahead and get the iphone!!??

  • cam

    even 300 is a pretty good price considering things and i will be buying is definitely as long as r4 works on it

  • Oscar

    I’m only getting one so i can play mega man legends 3 and that’s it….

  • manny

    Nintendo is out of their minds of selling the 3ds for $300 its should be at most $250 it should he thru $199-$250. when new ds systems come out its always been about $30 more for the newer version ds lite=$130 dsi=$160 dsi xl=$190 3ds should go for=$220

    rite now i hav da xl ive gone tru all but if the 3ds is $300 ill just stay with the xl but i dont want to nintendo needs to listen to all dis lookbif they lower da price dis is how we would luuk 🙁 / 🙂 it would make us happier NINTENDO LOWER DA PRICE OF THE 3DS PLEAZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    the 3d does not pop out at you, so dont compare it to 3d glasses. it is just going to give depth to the game play, simulating 3d effects so nothing is going to pop out at you. I love video games and the system has my favorite game comming out, Legend of Zelda, But if it costs 250-300 dollars, I can wait till christmas becuase we all know there will most likely be bundle packs and the price will drop from people not buying when it is over priced. (Take my advice if it initially comes out for 250-300, it will drop by christmas to 200 with a bundle pack)

    • Donny

      How would you know? It didn't even come out yet. And I can change my computer effects to full 3D with a program. I saw the 3DS on Youtube and it was fantastic.

  • Roxas

    This is WAAAAY to much! Holy crap!

  • Mitchell

    $300 is way to much even for a brand new system if it was like a new version of the Xbox then I can under stand but a Ds $200 max that would be a fair amount plus with the price low a lot more people would by it then for one at $300

    • Donny

      Correct especially for a handheld device.

  • Gameboy

    shit, i just convinced my dad to get me a ps3! i really want a ps3, but this looks so damn nice with the graphics, features and GAMES! ARRGGHHH!!!! guess ill just have to wait for a price drop, which will be like in a few years… like in 2012…oh well i still got my dsi and wii and soon a ps3! still having fun with super smash bros brawl(wii) and soon black ops(ps3) and all my great ds games! oooh i hope they come out with a super smah bros for the 3ds by the time i can afford to ask my parents for one.

    • Likely

      What about buying you the consoles by yourself, eh?

      "Mommy, puh-lease, buy me a PS3."

  • Michael

    That sounds like a very reasonable price. I mean, I just love my DSi XL. If I could evaluate a price for my XL, it would be around 250-300 dollars. Now, the 3DS is supposed to be better since the DS systems keep getting better and better. Especially since there'll be a Mario Kart 3DS, because I loved Mario Kart DS. I hear there'll be a Luigi's Mansion 3DS, which is a wonderful GameCube game with amazing graphics. I'm going to get the 3DS, because it sounds perfectly reasonable.

  • Chris

    Well, i have to say that i also agree that $300 is overpriced, the good thing is that it will come out in the US in March which is in the month that i was born in (Birth day) so hopefully if it launches for 180-200 i'm sure my padres would buy it for, the other good thing is that i already pre-ordered Pokemon White so i might even be able to play a new game in a new 3ds console! Well seeing as how St. Patrick's day is in March, i could very well have the luck of the Irish! Hahaha

  • kollen93

    where i live it'll probably cost 400$ or something in that way. so 300 is still a reasonable price for me;)

  • effe

    Did anyone of you realise that its much more expensive to get high tec things in a smaller format.!

  • AndrewG

    … mark my words, The Nintendo 3DS will fall to that horrible thing people call an iPod touch.
    Nintendo owes its portable success to parents and grandparents spoiling their kids with an affordable portable game system. Why the hell would said grandparents choose a $300 system over an iPod touch or an older model DS. It doesnt matter how awesome the system may be, you have to remember who your customers are. Nintendo is making the same mistakes Sony did.

  • john

    $250 is a lot of cash… but if you see some of the vids on u tube, heck, i'd pay $500 4 it. I also want 2 C the Metal Gear Solid 3 game. It looks like a killer game

  • FableKiller

    i hope they put the legend of zelda wind waker on this that would be sick on the 3ds im really happy about Ocarina of time!

  • sfaustino13

    wait until christmas or black friday or ebay to get one but now I will enjoy my 2 year old nintendo dsi

  • metamoss

    look, people in Japan pay the equivalent of 50 bucks for DS games these days. So, once you do the math of percentage, you get about $210. That might not be the true price, but its a good guess.