Nintendo 3DS Official Release Date and Price for Japan

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2010

A few days ago we reported that the release date for the upcoming Nintendo 3Ds was leaked to a newspaper. However, that date was wrong and we now have for you the official release date. Those in Japan will get the portable gaming device on February 26th, while those in Europe will have to wait until March.

During the recent Nintendo Conference 2010, Craig Harris from IGN learned that the price for the Japanese version will be ¥25,000, or $298 in good old US money. We have yet to learn how much the 3DS will cost in either North America or the UK, but we do know that the color choices will be aqua blue and cosmo black to start.

That was not the only thing announced during the Conference, there is to also be a special edition Super Mario DSi LL. Do not get too excited as there is no change to the hardware; we can tell you that the release date will be October 28th and the price will be ¥18,000.

I am still not certain how popular the 3D version of the Nintendo DS will be, and I also have doubts about how long a child or adult come to that should be playing a 3D device. Every time I go to see a 3D movie I come out of the cinema with a headache, and I know that I am no the only one.

Daniel Chubb has written an article on the “PS3 3D and Wii 2 3D Gaming”, it is certainly worth a read to draw your own conclusions about the future of such technology.

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