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New Nintendo 3DS: Mii Studio Software – Video

We now know that the Nintendo 3DS will be released to the Japanese market on February 26th for the price of ¥25,000, which we reported to you earlier. The device will have the new Mii Studio software in the box and makes use of the built-in 3D camera.

The idea of the software is to take a photo of yourself using the new 3D camera; the software will then automatically create a Mii for you, which you can see in the video below thanks to Engadget.

There are two things that needs to be pointed out, Mii Studio software will make it easier to create your mii, and saves on time. Watching the video left me amazed at how easy it all was. All you need to do is take a photo of the person, the image then appears on a box, and after the body shakes the box, it comes flying off to reveal your Mii.

Alan Ng asked this morning if the price was too expensive for the new Nintendo 3DS? After watching this video most will probably say no.



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