New Bose VideoWave TV and Entertainment System

By Gary Johnson - Sep 29, 2010

Bose have announced their new VideoWave entertainment system that has surround sound without all the wires and speakers. The system has been in development for ten years, and will cost $5,349.

David Carnoy of Cnet is reporting that the surround system is fully integrated into a 46-inch LCD TV, and comes with a minimalist RF “click pad” remote control. The speakers are contained in the TV all sixteen of them, giving virtual surround sound.

An AV box is the hub of the unit and connects to the TV via a single three meter cord. Round the back are three HDMI inputs and on the front are connections for camcorders and other video devices.Component video and other basic AV inputs are also on the back of the unit.

As soon as you connect devices via HDMI the system detects this, and gives you a set of simple instructions to get the remote codes for the connected device.

This sort of system is aimed at a particular type of customer, and not your audiophile or videophile. For a lot less money you can get a much better system in terms of sound and picture quality. Included in the price are delivery and professional installation, and the system will only be available from Bose stores from October 14.

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  • Dee

    Have had mine for a week now and love it! Simple and beautiful so far!

    • Brian

      Is it good quality sound and worth the money?

  • A-Jay

    B.O.S.E. = Buy Other Sound Equipment
    Bose is known for selling inferior equipment for high prices. They don't invest money in R&D, but in Marketing. Look for alternatives and you will find higher value products.