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Mozilla Still Saying No To iPhone Browser – Focusing On Firefox Home

Mozilla have again reiterated that an appearance of their popular browser Firefox would not make it on to the Apple iPhone. Mozilla say it would be near enough impossible to fathom, instead dedicating much more of their time and resources towards the Firefox Home sync software which has now been available since July from Apple’s App Store.

Firefox Home is not what one might think, and instead of a fully fledged browser replacement (or alternative depending on what way you look at it), is able to sync all your bookmarks, history and tab info from your desktop onto your iPhone. This process is unfortunately only one way traffic as you cannot sync existing bookmarks from your phone to the desktop as of yet.

With space in other smartphone manufacturer markets for extended browser support, Mozilla are focusing on bring Firefox Home to Symbian and BlackBerry based handsets, and also say that they could potentially start up an application specifically for the Apple iPad, although the latter does not seem top priority at the moment.

Instead, Mozilla say that they are working on the existing version of Firefox Home and want to beef it up with options like password synchronization, and the possibility of integrating it with social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Although alternative browsers are not really common place in the smartphone world, it does beg the question – would our web browsing experiences benefit if we had a choice of different browsers like we do in the desktop world? If you could choose a browser for your smartphone, which one would you like to see implemented and why?

More information regarding Firefox Home and the application for the Apple iPhone can be found via the source.

Source: PC World


  • xiaoa10

    There is a little pity.
    Firefox Browser is very excellence.
    If Mozilla can partner with Apple and offered firebox browser serve. i think the iphone 4 will be better.I look forward to this day. by the way if apple can support adob flash app, the iphone world will be better and better. do you think so ??? haha….but i am sure that the flash must affect the speed of the system , which may be a unlucky thing for phone user . i also can use a Aneesoft video coverter converter flash to iphone .


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