iPhone iOS 4.1: GreenPois0n Jailbreak and Unlock – Priority for you?

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2010

Yesterday we told you about the somewhat ‘disappointing’ news that the Chronic Dev Team, the guys responsible for the release of GreenPois0n will only be focusing on the jailbreak for iOS 4.1 devices.

That of course means, that those just hoping for an unlock will be left disappointed for the moment, as it looks as if the jailbreak will be releasing before anything else.

The recent tweet by the Chronic Dev Team also suggests that the GreenPois0n jailbreak is taking longer than expected, but it’s also good to know that they are currently working on a release as we speak.

For owners on iOS 4.1 though, which is more important to you? The release of the Greenpois0n jailbreak, or an unlock method so you can use it on any carrier in the US? We’ve taken a look at some of our feedback on our previous reports, and it seems a lot of you are divided on which takes priority.

Jailbreak or Unlock guys?

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  • dany

    unlock 5.14.02 baseband running on 4.1 PLEASEEE!!

  • Ex-president Nixon

    One thing I've come to learn is that apple products are unreliable and not worth waisting your dime on . I wonder how business would be if this iPhone was the only phone I had invested on. It has far too many loop holes n shackles. It might have all those specifications to qualify it as a smart phone but in actual sense its just a dumb ordinary phone. I love to customize my phone the best way I like it but unfortunately, customization is a ''next generation'' myth from apples perspective. Thats why I hereby shout out a huge thanks to Microsoft Corp and HTC for blending their tech and innovation into real, functional, reliable and timeless windows mobile professional masterpieces! Mwahhh.

  • KhmaiKid

    definitely, unlock bro! i got stuck here for the last 2months right now, kind of frustrating. But thanks to Dev. Team for the their hard work of getting the new unlock.


  • Dejan

    I already jailbreaked my iPhone 3G on baseband 05.14.02 but i use my iPhone as un ipod touch because i can't unlock it…
    I really hope that un unlock for iOS 4.1 will be provided soon
    Anyways thanks a lot Dev team for all your hard work ! 😀

  • cugura


  • Pranav

    HI I have a jail broken I PHONE 4. It's updated version is now 4.1. but now it's got locked due the update from 4.0.1 to 4.1. Will green Poison will be releasing any software or method so that we can unlock the I phone 4.1 with baseband 2.10. If Yes pleas let me know when it will be released . If No, please guide me how I can unlock my i phone and switch to any carrier.

  • Moke

    UNlock. No one is desperate for a jailbreak. The folks at the dev team are disappointing

  • i dont know abaut you guys but i tink if you can unlock, the jalibreak is much easier for you to do



  • Steve

    Both would be nice

  • Jonny

    iPod Touch, so JAILBREAK

  • AUI

    Unlock please!!!!!!!

  • Sel

    Unlock first, please!!!

  • JockeyRob



    I would say UNLOCK. There are thousands of people who are getting stuck by firmware 4.1 with baseband 5.14.02, waiting for UNLOCK.


    UNLOCK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gilib123

    I'm stuck with this 5.14.02 and cannot make calls pleeassssse

  • Laye


  • Fadi

    First jailbreak please

  • sINGH

    unlock unlock unlock… thr r ways to jailbreak 4.1…5.14.02…. we dont have a unlock for it…. my phone is like a brick for me… pls release an unlock….or else i will have to switch my phone….n i love iphone!!! UNLOCK RELEASE FIRST!!! NO JAILBREAK….. JUZ UNLOCK!!!

  • Michael

    well an unlock is eminent for people who have a locked phone, jailbreak is nice and gives us option to whatever software is sold in cydia store + loads of appsynced/illegal apps. Then again. to get to the unlock one definitely needs a jailbreak. unless you payed big bucks and bought a factory unlocked phone.

    My sincere appreciation goes to both iphone dev team and chronic dev team for all their hard work.

    keep going.

  • Tonyrobot321

    Jailbreak first the unlock

  • AliG

    Dev team i like appreciate the hard work you guyz are doing… great job keep it up… you guys really are doing something special for people like me who dun have a clue about hacking… but if i had to say about the priority for unlock or jailbreak in my opinion.. i'd have to say unlock, as an iphone is useless even if it is jailbroken but you can not use it has an actually phone to make calls, send text, etc… But furthermore, if a jailbreak for 4.1 is released, it would make unlocking a whole lot easier issue on the new basebands.. so guys hang tight as releasing the new jailbreak for the OS4.1 is a must for unlocking the new baseband… So dont say that the dev team is not focusing on unlocking… thx

  • Biggyy

    Thanks dev team and greenpoison team for working so har.more important is jailbreak 100 percent thnks

  • Marius

    I think Jailbreak because evreyone from Europe with 3GS needs to hacktivate first and then unlock

  • pepere


  • Tibootai

    Jailbreak as here in UK we can get our phone on much any carrier anyway.

  • Biloute

    Jailbreak… yet am an itouch user ;D

  • ShAdY

    Jailbreak me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Armando

    Unlock is definitely needed, but you can't rush a good thing they'll have one

  • gzz

    unlock please!!!!!! I need it baaad!

  • @9913

    I would say unlock first, I only use the jailbreak to get to the unlock option

    • iphonerahul

      Yep, for all us users who dont have official launch of iphone 4 in our country, buying US 800$ iphones to use as an iTouch until the unlock comes out, I think, I think …. unlock should be released along with the JB.

  • Eyser

    Theres a whole bunch of ways to jailbreak it but only 1 unlock, so unlock asap plz

  • Josh

    Jailbreak for me please!!!

  • Fluffhead


  • bobdill


  • Kate

    Unlock please! 🙁

  • i need an unlock 🙁
    noooowwww !!!

  • ted

    what a disappointment….

  • Tommyz

    Unlock first please

  • Hulabaloo

    I am really new to this thing. But I guess you generally need a jailbroken phone to make it network unlocked. So I guess jailbreak remains a priority.

  • iPhone4Freak

    I am new to this, but I have gathered one thing, you need an already jailbr0ken iPhone to unlock it, isn't it? So I guess unl0ck remains a priority.

    • fazakasszabolcs