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iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak: Download GreenPois0n or iOS 4.2?

Despite the fact that we still don’t have an update on the highly anticipated release of the iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool GreenPois0n, we can now confirm that the next beta version of iOS 4.2 is available to download.

The question is though, will you download the official update from Apple when it becomes available or hang around for the iPhone Dev Team to come up with a solution?

The download for iPhone iOS 4.2 beta 2 has just become available for developers, meaning that the official release for iPhone 4 users is just around the corner. We wonder how many of you are getting tired of waiting for a jailbreak, and are just planning to update officially when Apple release it.

Then again, the Dev Team has just managed to jailbreak the new Apple TV, so it may be worth waiting around to see what they can do with the iPhone 4 and other iOS 4.1 devices.

Are you still waiting for GreenPois0n, or do you plan to try iOS 4.2 out?


  • Guest

    I'll give these slackers an extra week, and if they dont find a solution, i'ma just update to 4.2 when its available. id rather waste $20<x<30 then wait months and have to constantly check back for a miracle.

    • Evart

      Is it possible to unlock 4.2? Are the pay sites legit?

  • 110Reap

    Almost every one of you who posted here is a COMPLETE MORON!
    The Dev Team DOES NOT MAKE MONEY for doing this. Imagine how stupid you sound threatening to update to a beta version of 4.2! Get a life kid. Go yell at your mom for some more Cheesy Poofs why don't ya?

  • Moke

    Dev team disappoints again

  • Vishal

    Its true the dev team is the best and they know what they doing but I do agree that this is going on to long and they worrying about all the other apple products besides the iphone 4. Fair enough give them time but the question is how much . and believe me the question is not about money if people had to pay for the jailbreak they would in a heartbeat. I know I would provided it works. But for them to take months its just messed up and I dont think anyone hates the dev team its because of them we have these jailbreaks but really guys Im sure by now you guys must have something……

  • Evart

    A question for those of us who are new to iPhone unlocking; Are any of the pay sites offering unlock solutions for 4g and 3gs iPhones legit? Running os 4.1 with 5.14.2 bootrom.

    With only a short times worth of iPhone experience, it is difficult to get up to date.

    I appreciate all your posts and this sites great info.


  • Guest

    Im tired of the let them do their work BS. They aint doing the work, they are worrying more about this stupid apple TV garbage. They have released somthing for every platform except the iphone 4's purchased 4.0.2. I think alot more pissed of people are going to start to loose patience now.

  • jessersu

    I think you guys should stop being such whiners, like kris, and jimmydoo said, we don't pay these guys to do this for us, they do this with THEIR TIME. I agree, I would love to see any of you do what the Dev Team does, I bet you wouldn't even know where to start, so leave them alone and let them do what they do. maybe iv you'd stop whining and sending them stuff they could get it done faster so youd stop your crying crap.

  • kris- malaga

    everyone is moaning about the release date of greenpois0ns soloution to the 4.1 problem….
    they are hard at work just like all off their blogs say… what more can u ask for… i would love to see all you moaners do the Dev Teams work… Go Dev Team….

  • roger

    yea i am a waiting and there good so time isent a issue i guess

  • Jimmydoo

    Let them do their work and you guys be patient! Its not like you guys are paying them for the software or the dev team owes you any money. They can do something that we can’t do so let them do thier magic at those own time and sit tight!

  • Libertine1

    My money is on the Dev Team, come on guys!

  • iphonerahul

    Am not really tired of waiting, cuz what these guys are building is something really worth waiting for.

    I am though tired of checking blogs / twitter / google every 1 hr since i got my iphone 4 on 4.0.2 2 weeks ago.

  • just as a heads up, because Greenp0ison is a bootrom jailbreak (hardware related) this will work regardless of the software version you are on. I am like you in that I want it now as im stuck on 4.0 but if you want to try 4.2 then go for it. the only people that miss out will be those that have new hardware following Greenpoi0ns release.

  • mikeyincredible

    im so sick of waiting…its insane. im on 3.1.3 right now unlocked and jailbroke…and i just pray that it doesnt crash before this comes out because i have no hope in getting it back downgraded again to 3.1.3 for i have no shsh backed up. 3gs new bootrom…guess thats what happens when you buy used offline. :/

  • kaycee77

    And then next thing you'll know iOS 4.2 needed a new jailbreak again. So what's gonna happen then? Should we wait for a long time again for another kind of jailbreak. No offence to the Dev team, but should we focus on iPhone 4 instead of the Apple TV or iPad or iPod? like for sure the phone is more important than the rest because we use it more. Just laying my thoughts guys. Please dont hate, i recently just converted to iPhone. I was a HTC user before but im liking the iPhone now coz of its simpleness and quick response. But hacking the phone?? i say HTC gets updated almost every 3 days max. Peace to all and hopefully Greenpoison will be out soon. Tired of seeing coming soon, coming soon. Thanks

  • JimBob

    Its getting beyond the joke now waiting for this Jailbrake! Ill give it a few more days to see what happens but if nothings out by then ill be updating my phone vai itunes to the new beta version of 4.2


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