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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 Download for Developers: Less buggy

Apple has now released iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for developers to download, as well as iTunes 10.1 for testing. This is now the second beta for iOS 4.2, and once all goes well should be released to the public some time in November. The new beta is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch (not the first-gen models) and the iPad.

Laura June from Engadget had only spent a few minutes with iOS 4.2 Beta 2, and noticed right away that it was less buggy than the first version. Developers will know this latest beta as 8C5101c.

Earlier this month iOS 4.2 beta 1 was launched; one new feature that was seen was AirPrint. This new feature will allow for wireless printing for not only the iPhone and iPad, but for the iPod Touch as well.

We are not certain what fixes and updates the new beta 2 offers, but being more stable is certainly a great step. What would you like to see when Apple launch iOS 4.2?


  • Dawn

    Much better options for the default text app. OR the option of using a different texting app as the default one. 🙂

  • Is not the fact that the Beta 2 version less buggy than the Beta 1 version normal development.
    So the story is Apple's development process fixes buggy features. Surely with any developer that is the whole point of having a Beta process


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