HTC Desire HD: Store Release Date Clues

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 29, 2010

This month has seen a few reports on the Desire HD, such as a confirmation on UK Carriers, interface screen-shots and a full list of specs. Now we have good news of the possibility that you might be able to get your hands on a HTC Desire HD, as early as October 8th.

The following UK networks that will carry this Smartphone are T-Mobile with a monthly contract payment of £40 or £30 at Vodafone. If you would prefer a SIM-free version of the HTC Desire HD, then visit where it will be available for £469.99 after 11th October.

This Smartphone benefits from a casing that is made from solid aluminium, and runs on the Android v2.2 operating system. An 8255 Snapdragon processor offering a speed of 1GHz powers the handset, while the screen measures 4.3-inches and supports multi-touch functionality.

Are you an HTC fan and will you be upgrading to the new HTC Desire HD, on contract or go for the unlocked SIM-free version?

Source: Techdigest.

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  • i dont like htc. i just get and galaxy s2 and this is the best phone today

  • bigjim

    ive just spoke to vodafone about my pre-order and they are saying htc have put the release date back to around 25th october

  • Ticks_uk

    I ordered mine from £20 phone on £35pm. but email from them today says I can still be waiting another 15 days!! 🙁

  • trooc

    You lucky SOB's. As usual, the cool phones are released later in Denmark, or Europe for that matter. Been eyeing the desire hd on… but it isn't expected in stock before around the end of the month…

  • buddha

    lol getting mine £30 on a £15month contract

  • i think the date of 8th october is correct, coz ive ordered one last week from for a t-mobile contract worth £30 pm (phone cost free) and they've told me that it'll be a sim free one (not the end of the world if it isn't) and their dispatch date says 7th october which means it'll be at my door step on the 8th (their next day delivery service)..CANT WAIT!

    • Nishat

      it's true the release date is 8th of October i ordered from the same company at the same price plan.