Halo Reach: Auto Aim (Aimbot) Hack Discovered on YouTube

By Jamie Pert - Sep 29, 2010

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 vetrans will remember when the hacks and glitches started coming out for their beloved game, and now it seems as though Halo: Reach is going through the same fate with a newly discovered auto aim hack that allows the player to kill his opponent without shooting anywhere near his body.

It was only a matter of time before this sort of thing was implemented into Halo, after seeing much of the success (or failure) that hackers had on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by implementing all sorts of glitches and hacks that let’s say, hugely angered honest COD players.

In the video that we have provided you below thanks to GameCrashers.net, you will see the player shooting almost aimlessly and getting head shot, after head shot, after head shot, and then proceeding to go on a frenzied rage of an almost kill-pocalyptic killing spree. And yes, he also does this by shooting nowhere near the region of the enemy that you should be shooting to get a registered kill.

If this hack/glitch/whatever it is makes it out into the mainstream, think Halo Reach as almost dead – unless that is Microsoft bring down the banhammer to all players using it. I guess one good thing so far is that it is not public knowledge how to implement this hack (at time of writing).

Check out the video below, and you can see what I mean.

What do you make of the new exploit on Halo Reach?

Source: GameCrashers

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  • tgg

    nubs stop bitching and play the game if u play a hacker take it a as a challenge

  • MrLegitKiller

    You guys are stupid. if you type in their gamer tag they are fake. And the ones that are real are not used. one the gamer tags I came across had all the gamer tags in its friends list. they were playing off-line in a custom game they probably hid a custom power up to do that.

  • I would love this for my lan games, just to screw with the guys!

  • jonathon

    ppl that ahack and cheat are pussy ill show u how to plat legit ill take u in mlg u hacker aim bot i can pretty much win against anybody in reach and for this video i am giving it to my friend who works for microsoft and he will take care of this so if u wanna 1v1 send me a msg on here sir and ill still kill u wit head shots out the ass sir so trust me u wanna make a deal ill let u keep it if u can beat me 1v1 but trust me u wont beat me even if i gave u 10 free kills


      wow cunt ur a ho u think ur hektic fuck yea cunts my friend works for fucking microsoft fuck yea cunts my dads a nigger man whore for his job cunts yea

    • Jonathan

      Lets go. Gamertag: xCrazyxKiLLeRx3

  • Diablo

    I kill kids all day long at halo… but i still want the hack just for fun! PICK ME, PICK ME!

  • Fre3k

    Programmers rule noobs drool.I wish I knew the programmer personally. I need some work done. 😛

  • gr8ridr

    I don't care if people hack games for their own personal fun and enjoyment, but don't use it in public matches and cheat honest players. It isn't fair and it isn't cool, period.

  • A_Blind_Witness

    i agree with @ripind07
    i dont hack to many games but the ones i do are strictly for fun, doing something you couldnt from the beginning
    its like buying the game all over again

  • ripind07

    oh my god u all are fags the hacker might not have skill but u guys must be the worst at halo ho cares tht their hacking or moding or cheating just kill them and get it over with dont have 4 month long argue about it and if bungie is watching this then fuck u guys whats rong whith a little fun in halo reach.

    • jorge

      dude ur friggen awesome. thats hilarious.

  • Riley

    @jimmy21 all u r doing is helping hackers get autobot

  • ddd

    this site has been forwarded to bungie . down with cheats!

  • george

    it seems as if this bot has been released according to http://haloreachaimbothack.blogspot.com/ anyone know if this is legit or not?

  • XxelevelexX

    i want to hack my profile gamertag=XxelevelexX

  • SWAT

    To all the Halo Reach hackers, it's ok that you have no skill whatsoever and have to resort to making the game "fair" for yourself. I play legit and I know i'm not the best, but I can take solice in the fact that i'm not classified as the "Jessica Simpson" of Reach Multiplayer. But please, take the cheating back to Cock of Doody.

  • R.I.P

    haha all these comments are retarded, some of us just enjoy a challenge, not everyone who hacks a game or its content is a 12 yr old toddler. As far as "Bungie's almighty ban hammer….ummmm if we can hack the programming of a seemingly unhackable game, dont you think we can send that ban back into cyber space. come on now really….. i have never used my hacked xbox or account online because it is clearly not fair to people that cant figure out how to level the playing field, however, there are only about 8000 people playing halo that are "cheating" odds are youll never have to deal with it

  • DeathMte

    I can vouch it works and it dosen't require money your just an idiot.

  • steve

    Don't believe this Bull it's a scam to sell you and requires money!!!

  • Freddie

    You shall feel the force of Bungies almighty Banhammer,

  • Nemesis

    Is it just me or was he also jetpacking way to fast and shooting faster as well because he went out of bounds to fast I thought the jetpack timer thing was either extended or hacked

    • SoulSniper

      he didnt have a jetpack, he had sprint

      • jorge

        through the second half of the game he got a jet pack

  • marhorn

    BANHAMMER! it will all be ok! anyway Halo suffers the least amount of hacks compared to other games!

  • AubieDaubie

    And how many are "we" Se7ensins? I saw it being used tonight in a match my hubby was in… Pretty easy to pick up on since the guy using it was getting all headshots and shooting randomly near the other players. And way to go for ruining the game for those of us who use skill in playing.

  • Trey

    No wonder this guy cheats…he sucks.

  • L4N3L

    It's not MLG kid, It's 7s 😉

  • As of right now we have no plan on releasing it to the public. We our planning on keeping this private for as long as possible.

    • R.I.P

      haha these guys have no idea what se7ensins stands for in the xbox comminity

  • oliver

    if this becomes public then halo reach unfortanly is going straight back to game. i hate it whe people ruin games like this.

  • MLG is LAME.

    The stupid MLG baseball player douchebag who created this glitch deserves to never touch another controller again.