Facebook / Skype Integration: Could Challenge Google Voice

By Jamie Pert - Sep 29, 2010

For those of you who didn’t think that merely writing on walls, using the chat feature, commenting on status’ and sending inbox messages was enough on Facebook, then get ready to be able to send text messages and make voice calls with Facebook’s almost confirmed partnership with Skype.

Although not yet official, word on the street is that these two companies who know all about social networking are about to announce the deal anytime now that would bring a whole new spin on how social networking operates and could also challenge the uprising of Google Voice released just a small time ago.

Facebook have not kept quiet but did not confirm or deny the rumors by saying that they did not wish to comment on speculation. If the rumors are correct then it is thought that Facebook’s integration would start with Skype 5.0 that is due sometime in October.

Skype, already a big hitter in the world of communication could expand their horizons by integrating with arguably the worlds biggest social networking portal and showing off Facebook Connect. There is also talk of making support for video calling via webcam.

Exciting stuff, don’t you agree? If this becomes a formality then would you embrace it?

Source: Telegraph

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