COD Black Ops Zombie Mode: Your Best GKNOVA6 Ideas?

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2010

After months of speculation, things just got a lot more exciting thanks to Treyarch’s update on the GKNOVA6 website. It is a viral website designed to give hints prior to the announcement of zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The latest update to the website gave away the biggest hint that zombies would be included, with a video teaser giving away possible ideas about the background story line in Black Ops.

It looks as if the storyline will continue from World at War, although we don’t know the confirmed characters so far. What we did see in the video teaser though is scientists doing tests on zombies, while an unnamed man is seen being strapped up and put into a chamber as well.

Other observations from the short clip include zombies wearing uniforms and ties, while some of our readers have even spotted a perks machine in one of the monitors. Considering how well thought out the story for Der Riese was, I have no doubts that Treyarch will deliver once again in Black Ops.

Will we see a return of the pack-a-punch machine or the infamous monkey bombs? Then again, we’ll be seeing all these in the revamped versions of the original four maps from World at War, so I’m definitely more interested to see what new ideas Treyarch has.

What are your thoughts on the update to the GKNOVA6 website? What ideas do you have so far? If you missed the video, you can watch it again below.

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  • EACV

    I can explain it to GKNOVA6:

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    is believed that the gas canister was used during the Cold War.

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  • arnas

    must kill zombies… must kill all zombies…. xD

  • tyler

    pause at 0:35-36 zombie with ak47

  • RJD

    Im guessing the reworked maps are gonna have some kind of story line behind it now. We will probably see some more in-depth lore behind the story of what happened to the playable characters in the original zombie mode.

    • SatanicJesus

      it already had storylines numbnuts

    • Johnathan

      so what happend to the original charactors? they fought in all the zombies maps, then magically teleported to the 60's which why the hell not because they have teleporters and time machines so it makes sense. so i imagine they just died… yep they were all killed at acension. not sure if i like this new call of the dead. thats what i liked about zombies was how it had a classic thing going round after round. like galaga and old games. just trying to get a high score and beat your buddies highest round. now zombies has entirely new charators based on celeb which is gay. and a story line that probably has nothing to do with the original story line.

  • Joel

    Soldiers that were put in labs and tested on, they tried to make super soldiers and ended up with ZOMBIES

  • dan

    and i think the writing on the wall translates to attention. tell me if wrong

  • dan

    Nazi Communists, or the people being tested.

  • dan


    • Mike Hawk

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  • rory

    wooooooo cant wait!!!!!!!!!! there is also a wall gun on one of the moniters t looked in the shape of maby a aug hbar or tar but is probly a new gun