COD Black Ops Beta: First Strike Download on Xbox 360?

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2010

We have some breaking news to bring you, as it has been reported that a mysterious listing related to Call of Duty: Black Ops has appeared on the official Xbox Live Marketplace website. What could it be?

According to Abstract360, they have identified the ‘First Strike’ listing as a secret internal beta for the upcoming game. The thing is though, if it is internal only, then why has it shown up on the Xbox Live marketplace?

‘First Strike’ doesn’t seem to be related to a multiplayer beta if you ask me, it sounds more like a Co-Op mode more than anything. The listing has since been removed from the website, but you can see what it looked like thanks to the screenshots below.

Interestingly, there is also a ‘download to Xbox 360’ menu and also mentions of prepaid codes. This will ring a few bells since this is exactly the same way which Halo Reach was leaked early for thousands of Xbox 360 owners.

We’ll try and clear up this mystery for you asap. Let us know your ideas on ‘First Strike’.

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  • malik

    hai i am in kuwait ….. i have xbox 360 slim i can download cod blackops 1st strike map pack there is show 99% error can"t download what can i do please help me

  • Rory

    First strike comes out on February for xbox and ps3 pc wii (lol) in march. it contains 4 multiplayer maps and on zombie map called ascension anyone can download it and it costs 1200 microsoft points but the beta doesn't work and is just a test for treyarch to use

  • GBB

    Maybe it's the real game we were supposed to get instead of this piece of hot steaming *bad word*.

  • keith

    it's the first map pack i believe it has 4 multiplayer online maps and one zombie map its out on the first of february for xbox and a month later for all other consoles including pc

  • Jackson

    It’s map pack 1 it was announced last night

  • To Nerlo

    Treyarch has been in the Call of Duty brand for many more years than Infinity Ward. Get your facts straight. Also, everyone at Infinity Ward left to go with Respawn Entertainment. So it looks like your precious Infinity Ward has NONE of its same heads.
    But on the note of the "beta". I have no idea what it is, and really wish I did. haha. This game definately looks like it's going to be a really good Call of Duty. But it will definately be the last one I get for a while, because of all the wierd developers they have lined up for the coming years. A new Call of Duty every year? Just start calling them Call of Duty 2012, and so on. But it is absolutely a brand to keep an eye on in the coming years. I just hope since they are coming out with a new one every year now, that things don't get to bland and reptative, especially with the inexperienced, action developers they have lined up.

    • Houston

      Actually infinity ward been there way before treyarch arrived.

  • Nerlo

    I hope it gets leaked for them not having a beta, IW wannabe’s.

  • Tyler D

    It is the beta. It was available to download for a short time it was only meant to be known by people that were notified before hand, basically select members of the gaming community such as some of the guys at machinima (Seananners) and some of the gaming press (Ryan Treit aka treit and true).

    It's good that they are at least doing SOME external testing but a public beta would have been nice.

  • Multiplayer Beta

    This is the black ops multiplayer beta. You need a code from Activision about 250 people are online right now. I have a few friends that work there and have it.

    • Secret

      Really what's one of their GT's?

  • Thomas

    One of my friend on XBL is Obama, and he says it's a zombie mod.
    Xbox Live GT: Bea36

  • konger

    might be a zombie beta

  • Len

    yeah i'm sure he appreciates you calling him out like that. newb.

  • OverhandZeus

    one of my friends on XBL who's GT is RustyStabFlakes is a daytime QA tester for Treyarch and this is what black ops is showing up as when he is playing it multiplayer against the other team, I am not sure why it is being played over an open network like XBL as opposed to an office LAN with testing accounts but i can confirm this is what he is playing and it is Black OPS Multiplayer, i know the level he was on earlier was called cosmodrome.
    Xbox Live GT: OverhandZeus

    • OverloadedRifle

      Yeah theres new maps coming the first strike ones and there some like cosmodrome and a strang one called ICEBREAKER_3 and MIUP_3 i think pretty sick stuff

  • Ralph

    I think that this is something for game reviewers, maybe for like GameInformer, OXM, etc.
    The reviewer gets the code and can download maybe a level or some part of the game to try. Just my thoughts.

  • hello

    maybe a zombie beta

  • !#@% my dad says

    or it could be a zombie beta

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Or it could be the extra co-op download for the people that purchased the hardened or prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

    Check Me Out:

    • ross stafford

      i got the full game

    • Jay Johnson

      Its the Newest Map Pack Coming Out On February 1st For Xbox And Its Consists Of 5 Maps Ascension (A Zombies Map) Stadium, Berlin Wall, Kowloon And Discovery (Multiplayer Maps)