Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode – Official for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2010

Due to all of the recent leaks, it was only a matter of time until zombie mode was confirmed for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Previously, all fans had to keep them excited was a series of leaks and rumors, until now that is.

As reported from VG247, publisher Activision has just confirmed the inclusion of everyone’s favorite COD add-on. Interestingly, no references were made to ‘Nazi’ zombies unlike World at War, so perhaps there is a new kind of zombies in store for us on November 9th.

Here is an official statement by Treyarch on the matter: “Zombies have been such a hit with our community that we were committed to bringing brand new zombie experiences to Call of Duty: Black Ops,”

We can also confirm that zombies in Black Ops will have support for 4 players just like World at War, but specific details on characters, maps, storylines and weapons have not been revealed yet.

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you further details on the announcement as we get it. Give us your reaction to the news.

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  • RenegadeMiTcH

    Can anyone tell me whether system link works with the new Call of Duty Black Op's Map Pack DLC ?

  • minivz92

    what code did you use? 3arc unlock or its arc3 unlock with a space

  • John

    when im trying to type the code it dosent work, why???

  • anthony

    i have the prestige edition and there is no bonus zombie maps
    there is only three maps

  • elmer

    there is zombies i know some 1 who has the game he said theres new zombie and new guns

  • Ste

    you get zombie mode regardless of which 1 you buy you only get the 4 from WAW if you buy the prestiege edition or the hardend 1

  • gilby

    what they need to fix or hopefully done alredy is whom ever is the host….if they decide to leave or lag out…..the game should still continue and not waste every1's time in game play! that totally sux when that happens…hope its different on new zombie gameplay:)

    • TheFinalMarine

      well they did say that they were incorporating the host migration system from MW2. So if they improve it from how some people get lagged out during the migration and make it more efficient that would be nice. Cuz i hate it when we play for so long that i dont realize the time and i have to go and im late for work. then i leave and either end the game or leave my xbox on and leace them a man down.

      • Don't worry about host migration and lag- the host system is being abolished, and Treyarch have put some money into dedicated servers. This should cut out lag, and disconnecting- in both normal online, and the zombie modes. Woo!

        • M0n5t3rArmy

          I heard ther were dedicated servers , how much are the dedicated servers?? and will u be able to boost in your own server??

        • hjdgdsjka

          What? They dont cost anything genious because when you join a game it wont say "Please insert 5$ bill into xbox to go in a dedicated server or jsut play on another server" And two. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU ASK "Will you be able to boost in your own servur?" You obviously think that Treyarch says YES! to boosting when thats the last thing they want

  • arnas

    if more than 4 people would play there would be a problem that the game be laging and when they get to a large vave they just log out and will not come back. even vith 4 players is a problem with that.

  • Sux

    What I don't get is why don't they make support for more than 4 players? (Via System Link or Live?) Just a thought that might make the game more interesting if more people were able to play….

    • Joe

      dude if you had more than four people, like say 8 you would be able to defend each window with AT LEAST one guy each! also if it was 16 players (or 8) you would be able to just get in a corner and send a devastating barrage of bullets on the unlucky zombie horde!

      • that means harder to kill zombies and alot more than a few zombies at round one and up when you have four people in one game

  • wohow

    You guy got it wrong. if you get the harden edition you get the four zombie maps from cod waw. everyone who buys any of the editions will be able to play the new zombie maps.i almost forgot if you pack a punch the crosspow the gun will shoot thunder like the wonderwaffle

    • Frankbullit67

      I am sure they will have a paid dlc for the regular edition to get the original zombie maps.
      I don't care about the old maps anyway as long as i get a crossbow i will fight in a ditch!

  • My trigger finger is already itching! Here zombie, zombie! I love playing first person shooter games because I get to use the models of my favorite airsoft guns. Not the same as the real thing, but just as good on a rainy day, or 3 in the morning when the neighbors are asleep. I go to this link because I can find airsoft copies of the guns from my favorite games:

  • tyler

    Awsome Zombies are back and are going to rule the world one brain at a time. I cant wait to see the new add ons hope they give us a sneak peak tomarow.

  • chris

    inside xbox has a video with an interview with the lead of treyarch and he over see's everything with them he had specifically said that the zombie mode is not in call of duty black ops but is instead replaced with the new game mode combat training this is where the 4 co-op maps from the prestige edition will be for. the combat training game mode is the new take on there extra to the game just as was zombies in world at war.

    • john j rambo

      the guy just said this pall///> Now, Treyarch and Activision, the developer and publisher of Call of Duty: Black Ops, have officially revealed that the title will feature a co-op Zombie mode, besides all of its previously revealed multiplayer modes.

      "Zombies have been such a hit with our community that we were committed to bringing brand new zombie experiences to Call of Duty: Black Ops," said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia in the announcement. ///> search for real info before you talk

    • zombie

      already been confirmed on the NEXUS, by pointy head and kaylo.

    • Raul

      haha,you nub, its zombies. everyone knew it since like a year ago. combat training? haha yea right nub.

    • kay

      Thats Crap.. u lier

  • Jak

    Ugghh I’m so sick of zombies someone needs to make something new dammit

    • FART


    • bob

      theres new zombies and guns

  • mushi mush

    thats dumb / i guess chaps are running out of ideas. I wont be getting this on the first day thats for sure. Not anymore!!

    • The Kinected Gamer

      It's only for the hardened & prestige edition of the game so mushi mush stick to the regular edition if you hate it that much. Personally I am looking forward to revisiting Zombie Mode, I sold my World At War a while back and that is the only thing I miss from that game is the Zombie Mode, can't wait to get this!

      Check Me Out:

      • Wow

        oh yeah they would bring one of the most popular features of the call of duty series to the limited edition of the game without telling us wouldn’t they?

    • Jasen

      …not getting the game on day 1 just b/c they are adding a zombie mode?! …that you are not required to play…and won't affect the rest of the game in anyway…I say "boo" to your sir and will also be giving you a thumbs down.

    • Geers

      Because there’s absolutly no new features in Black Ops at all. /facepalm/

  • brett

    yo this be hella tight