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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: Price By Analyst

The price for the new BlackBerry PlayBook is still not officially known, with some people talking of a $1000 or higher price for the device. Until it is officially announced by RIM this speculation will continue, an analyst with CCS Insight – John Jackson – has suggested a price much lower than that.

In an interview with Bloomberg he says that RIM “are going to be in very crowded company,” with all of the company’s main competitors also working on similar devices. When asked about what price he thought PlayBook would come in at he said around the $300 to $350 price range.

He went on to say that RIM would have liked to have the device ready in time for the holiday season, but the bigger picture was the new QNX operating system and getting the development community on board. But he says there are still too many things like price and distribution that are not known to predict how well the PlayBook will do next year after it is launched.

See the full interview via the link provided.



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