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Apple iPad Running Google Chrome OS (aka Chromium OS)

The Apple iPad tablet is waiting on the iOS 4.2 to truly unleash the power of the device, but for those bored of waiting and the idea of buying the upgrade, then why not install Google Chrome OS (aka Chromium OS)? Some of you will worry about doing something like this, but if it were not for daring people then we would not have a chance to see something like this in action.

Engadget learned from Hexxeh’s Blog that managed to even tweet away on the Chrome iPad. However, there are a few catches to this, but we have yet to learn what those are.

There has certainly been a lot of interest in this Chromium iPad, I guess they want to know how this was achieved and if there is any long-term damage to the device?

While on @Hexxeh, one tweet explains that you will not be able to use it as a normal iPad; you will need to do a complete restore to do so. What do you think the catch is? Will you take the chance just to see your Apple iPad running on Google Chrome OS, Chromium, or whatever you want to call it?



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