Adult Costume For Superhero: 5 Costumes We Love

Halloween 2010 is fast approaching and that means that we will be on the hunt for a new adult costume, and with so may to choose from it is often hard to make a choice. We thought we would do some of the legwork for you, and as most parties have a theme these days we thought we would look at 5 superhero costumes we love.

It is so easy to go for all the usual stuff, but I thought I would go for something different rather than Superman and Wonder Woman. Let us bring things up to date a little, and we will first start off with Iron Man. This will be one of the hotter costumes, so you had best drink plenty of fluids – water not alcohol. The price for this costume is $179.99, more details here.

The next costume on my list has to be Optimus Prime Super from Transformers – see what I mean about not going traditional? This deluxe costume is old school Optimus Prime from the cartoon years ago, and not from the new movies – that would be too hard to replicate I guess. More on this here.

Sticking with the Iron Man theme I thought I would have a look for a woman’s costume, and I think I have just the one. What do you think of this Black Widow Sexy Adult Costume, this is certainly one costume that will turn a few heads when walking down the street. Visit Buy Costumes for more details.

Now let us mix old school with an up-to-date flavor. With the upcoming Thor and Avengers movie we thought that it would be perfect to add a Thor costume to the list. The costume is just $69.99 and there are a number of accessories to choose from here.

There is one costume that I think will be very popular this year, I know that this does not count as a superhero, but she certainly kicked ass. Here we have the Hit-Girl Deluxe Adult Costume from the movie Kick Ass – sorry about the earlier pun. Get more information here.

I hope that you like my list, if not let us know want costume you will be wearing this Halloween.



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