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Sony PSP2: Release Update – Developers starting on Launch Titles

We have more details on another of Sony’s best kept secrets now, as it has been reported that developers are already in possession of PSP2 dev-kits and are starting to build titles for the company’s launch lineup.

According to this report from Develop, studios have seen the device close at hand, and while they are keeping its design a secret from the media, reports are slipping out that Sony is now starting to assemble a collection of titles which will be launched with their new handheld system.

The key studios haven’t been specifically named, but you can bet that it includes all the big guns in the industry. You may remember comments from NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat 9), where they publicly stated that they were in possession of a PSP2 running at 60FPS.

Develop adds that the release of the PSP2 is now likely to coincide with the release of Nintendo’s 3DS, expected sometime next year for the US and EU.

What are your thoughts on the inevitable announcement of the PSP2?


  • kira

    well sony is gonna have to go full throttle if they wanna beat the 3ds

    • eggleburt

      Maybe, or it could release the psp2 at the price that it would usually be 1-2 years after its release. Also it should put tonnes of advertisements on tv as i havent seen a single ad for the 3ds on tv yet, and therefore it would rake in a bunch of money.

    • Fayt

      3DS will be blown out of the water if the NGP sticks to sony strong points (getting hardcore gamers, uses games from reatively unknown developers which was sadly lacking in the PS3 🙁 love to see it come back though) If you combine the what everyone must admit most powerful handheld console released the potential one that could eaisly dominate the handheld market


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