Sony Ericsson LiveView: 1.3-inch Remote control for your Android phone

By Gary Johnson - Sep 28, 2010

Sony Ericsson has just announced a clever new device which lets you control some of your Android phone features remotely.

The new Sony Ericsson LiveView will let owners read Facebook, Twitter, and SMS messages, RSS feeds, calendar reminders, and show the time and date. It will be compatible with devices running Android 2.0+ including handsets from other manufacturers. The device has a 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen with 128×128 resolution.

Weighing only 15 grams and measuring 36x35x11mm the unit is nice and light and you get a wrist strap, a clip, and a micro USB charger with the device. Battery life is said to be around four days of normal usage, which probably does not mean with the screen on all the time.

A LiveWare manager keeps watch for LiveView compatible apps as they are released. LiveView will be available at the beginning of Q4 2010 in black. No pricing or color other options are available at present. See the video of LiveView below.

Source: GSM Arena.

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