Sikorsky’s X2 vs. Eurocopter X3 Demonstrator

By Gary Johnson - Sep 28, 2010

We told you about the Eurocopter X3 prototype yesterday, but how does it compare to the Sikorsky X2?

Firstly the Eurocopter is currently undergoing trials and is hoped will travel at 220 knots per hour, while the Sikorsky can manage over 250 knots. The Eurocopter takes off like a normal helicopter but flies like a plane according to its chief executive officer.

Sikorsky have been testing the X2 in Florida, and spokesman Paul Jackson was asked about the Eurocopter he said “I’ll decline to comment on the technology,” “Regarding the name they chose for it, perhaps this is a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.”

The Eurocopter X3 has been under development for three years and first flew on September 6, while Sikorsky first flew its X2 in August 2008. This managed to reach over 260 knots on September 15 2010.

The new helicopter technology is expected to be taken up by the military according to analysts in the U.S.


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  • mellowfire

    A better name for the X3 is The Shredder

    As first poster mentioned, no side doors possible. 90%" of helicopter missions are compromised and degraded due to the twin shredder props.

  • homw

    It is difficult to see how the X3 can be functional. The propellers will render impossible to use the side doors during flight, which is an essential part of operations, in search & rescue, loading/unloading,etc.

    As the propellers are also providing anti-torque, power again is taken away from lift.

    These issues are so fundamental. I wonder how the company thought about these when they proceeded with such a concept.