RIM BlackBerry Playbook Vs Apple iPad: Which Tablet Looks Better?

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2010

Now that you have had a few hours to gather your thoughts on RIM’s recently announced BlackBerry Playbook tablet, what are your initial impressions of it? On a design point of view, do you think it looks better than the iPad?

Unfortunately, RIM didn’t allow anyone to actually touch the device, as it was concealed behind reinforced glass the the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

However, we still managed to get a good look at the device, and it is confirmed to have a 7-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive touch screen, compared to the iPad’s 10-inch 1024×728 display screen.

Luckily for you, Engadget has offered some event photos, comparing size differences on the Playbook and the iPad. As you can see from the one below, the iPad is significantly larger than the PlayBook, but RIM’s tablet does seem to have that sexier look to it.

Does size or style matter to you the most? If it is style, then you would have to say the Playbook looks better. Take a look at Engadget’s pictures here and let us know your thoughts on them.

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  • james

    everyone copies apple. gates stole apps from apple, an admitted it, i use both systems, but for serious work apple every time..making more of something doesn't means it's better just that they make more.. why ride in a pinto when you can drive a Ferrari.

    • nirvem

      I don't think it's a valid comparison. Maybe Apple vs others is more like BMW vs Toyota. Even if both make somewhat equally good products, Apple has the glamor factor to make customers pay a little extra. I don't think in terms of performance that extra money is actually worth it.

    • Mohammad Ibraheem King Khan

      blackberry is the dad of all phone or tablet

  • Samuel

    No 3G, Bluetooth pairing with a phone for connectivity is this a joke?

  • andrew

    playbook no contest-looking for an ultra portable,powerful well featured device to pair up with my Torch 9800.Something to while away the time when my son is at hockey training.things you can’t fit ona 3.2″ screen.books,videos,games-10″screen too big&bulky.

  • Apple haters

  • Kkyy1972

    I hate apple ! Lol

  • Todlerone

    Apple=one way of doing things. Blackberry=the worlds way. Apple sucks

  • xtine

    Adobe flash doesn't support ipad… so it sucks…a waste of money…

  • Ronald

    Apple sucks

  • I would say Playbook wins its great features and right now apple Ipad is dinosaur in front of Blackberry Playbook with some great features. Here one of interesting conversation I came across about "tablet wars" check this link out http://bit.ly/cs0F8J

  • lwell

    iPad wins… even IF they make a 10" Playbook.
    Maybe Playbook is more professional and can do a lot more things than the iPad can. But on the other hand, iPad is made by Apple and so 1. They will attract a lot more consumers. 2. They have TONS of developers to make apps. So many developers are live on Apple, such as iFunia, a MAC video converter tools manufacturer, what awesome is they have being a strong link chain in the tablet industry.
    The consumer market will stick with the iPad for now and long time in the future…

    • Unknown

      There are a huge amount of people who absolutely hates apple. More than 90% of all households use Windows

      • Luc

        That’s not hatred. It’s just using what you’re used to.

        • john

          Lets compromise and call it dislike….Apple users are conceited snobs but usually need access to a Windows to get their work done.

        • darrell

          right on man..Vista rocks!!! oh wait..uh thats not a good example.. wondow 2000 os the best sy…uh no thats not true.. gate's machine don't get bugs and virius..no no, let me rethink that..well apple computers are made out of metal and ibm stuff is made out of plastic …dang metal chassis are better stronger… ok..Windows is best because i say so..there..i win..

        • james

          right you are jon..just look at how well vista works..