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New LG 3D Laptop: Xnote A510

There seems to be more and more products coming on to the market that support 3D this year, which allow us to watch films or even play games in the format. A few months ago we mentioned about the 3D capable Lenovo IdealPad Y560d.

According to an article that was written by Thomas Ricker from, LG will be launching their new Xnote A510, which is due sometime in October to countries including Africa, the Middle East, south America and Asia.

It has a 15.6-inch screen that is LED backlit and provides a cinematic 3D viewing experience and high-definition support. You also get included in the price a set of 3D clip-on lenses (if you’re required to wear prescription glasses) as well as a pair of polarized glasses.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M graphics card comes with 1GB of dedicated DDR3 video memory, also this model offers two i7 quad core processor choices either the 740QM or 840QM.

A fingerprint reader is also fitted, and it will ship with TriDef conversion software, which up-converts to 3D. What do you think about Laptops that have 3D capabilities?



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