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New iPhone Shown in Firmware: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint?

A few days ago Alan Ng wrote an interesting article about the rumors of a Verizon iPhone, and why a CDMA version could also mean a possible Sprint model. We have been waiting for such a phone since 2007, when Apple first launched their touchscreen smartphone.

Since then there has been a number of rumors that Apple would end the AT&T exclusivity and offer the handset to not only Verizon and Sprint, but T-mobile as well. We have just come across an interesting article that points to not one but two new phones.

Seth Weintraub from 9 to 5 Mac points out that Apple knows the current iPhone 4 as the iPhone 3.1. Looking at the new Apple TV firmware there are two new phones showing up, 3.2 and 3.3, but we have no idea what these are.

There is speculation that this could be a new carrier version, or even an update with a new antenna following the whole issue with signal problems.

What do you think 3.2 and 3.2 in the firmware means?


  • Elvis

    Nobody told you to but an FN iPhone in the first place. Don't blame SJs. You should blame all the carriers that passed on the iPhone when SJ pitched it to them before CIngular. SJ knew exactly what he has and stood up to the carriers control of the handsets. You should thank him for shaking up the industry. The iPhone made all the other platforms that followed possible.

    • Truth

      Hahaha I am replying on an iPad.

      Elvis, jobs is an egotistical bastard that believes he and his devices/company can do no wrong.

      His company doesn't give a f about their customers. Just milking their fans.

  • Bay Area CA M

    Whatever this 3.X means… Apple needs to get with the program.

    Maybe at a later day and time, I will understand why Apple stil remains exclusive to AT&T when there is soooo much potential for growth outside of AT&T.

    Maybe some really smart people can explain why what seems obviosuly a more profitable strategy is being ignored by Apple and for the most part, by excuse of CDMA or other telecommunications junk jargon.

    I think its Steve Jobs!

    His ego has gotten so big that he thinks his iphone will force more people to switch carriers when obviously that is not the case. Many reports indicate that the iphone users market is saturated and that Jobs has already reached his maximum number of users who will switch from other carriers.

    This means that only current iphone owners will be buying the next round of iphones.

    Steve, STOP BEING AN AS@!!!!!!

    Im a iphone loving Apple consuming tech junkie and I am sick of AT&T!!!!

    • ladodger16

      I agree with you Bay area I'm an iphone person too but if Steve Jobs doesn't offer to verizon next year my next phone is a droid with Verizon I'm tired of the crappy service from AT&T.


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