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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect: Adverts and Claims of Failure

Recently Microsoft released adverts for Xbox 360 Kinect, now NowGamer has dissected the ads and don’t seem to be too impressed.

Firstly NowGamer suggest that the amount of space needed in a room to use Kinect is huge, they suggest that most gamers won’t have this much room available to them, especially children who have the console in their bedrooms.

NowGamer also suggest that the adverts were aimed towards children and all showed Kinect set up in the living room, which could mean that parents wouldn’t be able to relax in their living rooms after a hard days work as the kids would probably be jumping around in front of Microsoft’s motion sensor.

Finally NowGamer were unhappy with the lack of gameplay footage shown in the ads, I have to agree as I would have liked to have seen more, especially as the launch is not too far away.

To check out NowGamer’s fully detailed rant check out the source link below, do you agree with their criticisms?

Source: NowGamer


  • PS3wannabe

    MOVE will be an epic fail. Evidence of this can be see in the lack of any good games at launch, inaccuracy and freezing problems.
    PS3 has a motion controller copied from the Wii Plus Sensor and the release game graphics look just like the WIis and no hard core games at launch just add ons to old games.
    Kinect is a step in the right direction for xbox and will be as big of a sucsess as xbox's excellent quality and a lot of media availability.

    Xbox is the only one 1 FORCE worth plating online with.

    PS3 – Free online play but it's poor and voice quality just dosen't work
    PS3 – Hardware reliability = YLOD
    360 Ability to stream video only console with the fastest WIreless N.
    PS3 to download new demo and betas yo have to pay $60 for PSN+

  • PS3wannabe

    Kinect will be an epic fail. Evidence of this can be see in the lack of any good games at launch, inaccuracy and freezing problems.
    PS3 has a motion controller which is more accurate than even the Wii Plus Sensor and has the graphics to back that up along with hard core games at launch and upcoming.
    Kinect is a step in the wrong direction for xbox and is as big of a failure as xbox's lack of quality and lack of media availability.

    Xbox is the only one 1 FORCE you to pay for online play.

    PC, Wii & PS3 – Free online play
    PC, Wii & PS3 – Internet Browser
    PC, Wii & PS3 – Hardware reliability
    PC, Wii & PS3 – Ability to stream video without additional charge or sub.
    360 – Pay to play online $60/year, essentially re-buying your console every 5 years.
    360 – No Browser
    360 – To stream netflix or other stream service must have $60/year subscription.

    On top of that PS3 got blu ray, true/best exclusives, best motion controller. PS3 is now the HD Wii everyone has been wanting.

    Even the Wii has built in wifi, something that cost $100 more on 360 until recently. And even Wii has a browser and ability to stream no add charge.

  • Blitz

    Well it is kind of hard to say don't knock it until you try it, since most of us have not been able to try it, and will not be able until November. But I think it is possible to evaluate the things we do know. It will take a lot of room to have two people jumping up and down, and not everyone has a big open space in front of their TV. The games listed for release and in future are all limited to sports, dance or race. There may be some families that will all gather nightly for their Kinect family fun night, and that would be great. But to be honest that is not the 360 demographic I know. Most of the 360 players I know are, Halo,Gears, COD, and Madden Football players. The Families that want to play together bought a Wii a long time ago. I am not sure how many will go out and buy 360+Kinect for the handful of games that they will be able to play on it. When we talk kids, I think Mario and friends have more selling power than generic cartoon avatar. I could be wrong but time will tell.

  • Angel

    both are good but PS3 have the best one and it will make one more better than that one also PS3 have many games on 3D real 3D with glasses only thing that you need is the TV

  • Klatu

    Wont be pickin' this up. Seems like a "been there, done that". I had the MS Vision cam, the PS Eyetoy, and this appears to be the same spiel, wrapped in a shiny new package. I admit, navigating the dash with voice or gesture commands sounds interesting, but not enough to justify an over $100 peripheral.

    • The Kinected Gamer

      Yeah thats what most think, but it is different, I thought the same at first, but the MS Vision Cam and the PS Eyetoy could only detect 2-D movements while Kinect can detect 3-D movements, just give it time Klatu, it'll prove itself worthy for a buy.

    • dave

      its much more than that. It is centered around the family, and is quite fun. kids love it, and dont have to handle a controller. Adults can do it without having to learn anything! Its very fun. try it before you beat it up. It is NOTHING like the vision cam, or eyetoy, or Wii controller. Nothing.

  • james

    nowgamer havent evern played it

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Sounds like NowGamer needs to get out of his tiny room in his Moms house and have his own livingroom don't you think?

  • Dave

    You are clearly missing the point of kinect. Its SUPPOSED to take up all the space in a living room. Its SUPPOSED to have the family all together. Its not supposed to get jonny to go lock himself in his room. Notice how ALL the ad's have Kinect in a living room, and NOT in jonnys bedroom. It is a FAMILY gaming device with upgrades for the gamer who LOVES their 360. Please don't miss the point, and don't knock it till till u try it!


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