Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect: Adverts and Claims of Failure

By Jamie Pert - Sep 28, 2010

Recently Microsoft released adverts for Xbox 360 Kinect, now NowGamer has dissected the ads and don’t seem to be too impressed.

Firstly NowGamer suggest that the amount of space needed in a room to use Kinect is huge, they suggest that most gamers won’t have this much room available to them, especially children who have the console in their bedrooms.

NowGamer also suggest that the adverts were aimed towards children and all showed Kinect set up in the living room, which could mean that parents wouldn’t be able to relax in their living rooms after a hard days work as the kids would probably be jumping around in front of Microsoft’s motion sensor.

Finally NowGamer were unhappy with the lack of gameplay footage shown in the ads, I have to agree as I would have liked to have seen more, especially as the launch is not too far away.

To check out NowGamer’s fully detailed rant check out the source link below, do you agree with their criticisms?

Source: NowGamer

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