Is PS3’s Gran Turismo 5 missing the point?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 28, 2010

The long awaited release of Gran Turismo 5 gets ever closer; PlayStation 3 owners around the globe are desperate to get their hands on the game. But will it disappoint some gamers?

Gavin Mackenzie is worried he won’t love the game. When he first played Gran Turismo almost ten years ago he absolutely loved the game, when it first came out it blew away all the competition. The follow up Gran Turismo 2 had an amazing amount of content and was also still held in high regard.

With Gran Turismo 3 he found the game bored him quickly and found it lacking compared to the two previous titles. Further down the line with Gran Turismo 4 Prologue he found that it completely put him off buying the full game, so with GT5 Prologue it was left alone so not to put him off from the full game when it comes out.

If the new GT5 focuses more on being a real driving simulator will racing thrills and spills be put on the back burner? I personally can’t wait for it to arrive, but what do you think?

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  • its gonna be epic! and OI GT3 was the best in my opinion, it was a true evolution in the series!, like this is gonna be 🙂

  • Bruno2

    I think most here are being a bit harsh on Gavin (assuming he''s real.. good point Chris). It seems to me Gavin wants to like the whole GT series, but has been disappointed on occasion. It's OK he might actually enjoy/ be searching for something different, and if so, that's his perogative. He's under no obligation to keep other fanboys happy by agreeing with them so the flaming (of this possibly fictional character) is rather immature (and reeks of small-d1ckness). Or perhaps Gavin is just growing older and just doesn't have the time to totally immerse himself in simulation any longer?

  • chris

    On another note this site seems to be "trolling" for extra hits by attacking something with this fictional character. Oh dear where has journalistic integrity gone these days on sites like these. Please hire some real journalists.

  • chris

    Are you serious? lol GT4 was fucking epic as a driving game, massive game and many ways to play using many different cars and if you have a steering wheel its like night and day, the prologues are just a little something to wet your appetite if your into that kind of thing. GT5 is going to be the best driving/racing game on this generation, i don't see any competition for it. I really didn't think too highly of god of war 3 and killzone 2 and other big ps3 titles, and yes I am a ps3 owner and yes GT5 will be release day buy for me. It hurt sony not having a proper gt game on release.

  • Matt

    " is full of shit articles written by failed journalists .. " you never cease to prove me right, one article after another!

  • James

    I have to agree with every1 here, although being more realistic means it will be even more thrilling. I think Gavin is looking for a racing game for people who aren't particularly good at playing racing games.

  • Mark

    As a gamer, I find it great I have the choice of both. If I want to play a great arcade racer, I play Burnout Paradise, if I want to play a great driving game, then I play GT5.

    Forza3 is neither of these, and frankly a waste of time.

  • Ash

    Gavin – Do one!!

  • Comedykev

    I think Gavin is a prize tool who knows nothing regarding computer games.

  • BMAN

    GT5 is a driving simulator, and keeps getting more realistic, if thats putting of "gavin" then gavin should give Forza a try. Everything I am hearing so far is blowing me away!

  • Hweeh

    Missing the point…? If you're looking for a light and fun racing game, go play Cruisin' USA at the arcade, make sure you bring enough quarters. This game seems to be for people who love cars more than just loving fun video games. GT5 will most likely be the closest a majority of its players ever get to actually driving some of their favorite cars, of which they'd never be able to experience otherwise. Even if the game is just a HINT as to what these machines would actually be like on a track, this game will have nailed the point.

  • Annoynimash

    gavin… who?

  • Philip

    GT5 will be the best racing simulation game. EVER. EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

  • harsh-97

    It shure looks like Gavin would like arcade racers loke burnout paradice, but hes missing the point of GT5. GT5 is for consumers who want a REALISTIC racing experience, which is what GT1 and GT2 did'nt really deliever.

  • Guys who loves Cars

    I'm sorry your right Gavin, A game in the making for close to 5 years, with the most content in a racing game (NASCAR, Go-karts, 24 Le Manz etc..) 1000+ cars, 75+ tracks, with only the greatest team Polyphony put together with a $65 Million dollar budget =P nope doesn't sound epic to me…. NOT! you wanna hate on racing games go look at what Microsoft is pumpin out =P

  • maniac8881

    this whole article is missing the point GT5 will be EPIC

    • harsh-97

      If Gavin likes less realistic driving simulators he should get his hands on arcade racers rether then games of these type.

  • jojo123

    Gavin is stupid

    • Stogey

      Yup Gavin should go play NFS. Every GT has gotten better since the first. I cant freakin wait. This game is by FAR the most awaited ps3 game for me. I have very high expectations. And IMO this game has the best chances of any ps3 title of fulfilling those expectations. A lot of games have ended up a let down. I have high hopes for GT5.