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iPhone 4 Jailbreak and Cydia Apps: Send SMS In Groups / Lists

So you have waited all year for Apple to launch a new iPhone or iPod Touch, they then put some shiny new OS on it, only to leave out some key features. Thankfully, this is where jailbreaking comes in, such as this Cydia Apps one that allows you to send SMS in groups / lists.

According to an article on Redmond Pie, texting has never been an easy affair on the iPhone, with much cheaper phones doing a better job. It is for this reason why people decide to jailbreak their iPhone, but we have to point out that Apple has been getting a little better with SMS features.

The GroupSMS app that requires Cydia to work makes it possible for your iPhone to become an efficient phone when sending texts, by taking all the effort out of sending to groups of people at any one time.

The app costs just $1.99, which you can read about in more detail at Redmond Pie. We always like to warn you that you unlock and install these apps at your own risk. We would also like to point out another SMS app that allows you to encrypt your text message that you send to someone, which we reported about yesterday.



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