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iPad Owner: Move to BlackBerry PlayBook and at what price?

We have had a while to digest RIM’s new BlackBerry PlayBook, even though some details like price and release date are not known yet, it looks an impressive piece of kit. But will it make owners of the current iPad jump ship to the BlackBerry device?

The Apple iPad has been out a while now but remains a desirable device, with its great screen and numerous apps available via iTunes it has a big head start over the BlackBerry. As the price for the BlackBerry PlayBook is still not known, what would it take for iPad owners to buy the new device?

Spec wise the new PlayBook beats the iPad, but for some people this may not be enough. With rumors continuing over a new iPad with that elusive inbuilt camera, will this make current users just wait and upgrade to that? It might take a really competitive launch price for iPad owners to buy the PlayBook.

What price would the BlackBerry PlayBook have to be for you to leave your iPad?



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