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iPad 2: Release Date Update and Specs List Refresh –

While speculation continues to mount on a new 7-inch version of the Apple iPad, we have an interesting article for you to read now, which suggests that a 9.7-inch device is more likely to release first.

According to this article from Apple Insider, Goldman Sachs Analysts have said that the next generation iPad device will be available during Spring of 2011, and that it will be a more lighter unit than the current one that Apple has on the market.

They think that the 7-inch iPad will ”not be ready in time”, and that a thinner 9.7-inch version will release first. Specs of the device will include a front-facing camera and a mini USB port.

Apple has previously stated that they are looking to equip Facetime video chat in as many devices as possible, so it seems very likely that the next iPad will make full use of it.

They could be under pressure to release it as soon as possible now, especially after the announcement of the impressive RIM BlackBerry Playbook tablet.

Let us know your thoughts on this.



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