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GreenPois0n Release For iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak: Gets Full Attention

The Chronic Dev Team, who are currently working on the GreenPois0n jailbreaking tool, has been on Twitter to share some bad news with thier fans. It seems that while they are hard at work on the iOS 4.1 jailbreak, which allows you to unlock the iPhone 4 and the newly released iPod Touch 4G, it is that just the jailbreak is being worked on and not the unlock.

Those waiting for GreenPois0n release for iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak must be feeling happy that it is getting the full attention, as this could mean a release sooner rather than later.

According to a report by Waisybabu over at Redmond Pie, the development of GreenPois0n is taking longer than expected, even with the two Dev Team’s working on this other projects has to suffer, sadly that is the iOS 4.1 unlock tool.

Waisybabu has been trying to console those who will be feeling a little let down by this, by saying “Good things come to those who wait.” Not sure if that will be going down too well right about now.

Do you feel cheated by this latest setback?


  • Davo

    A big to the  doing the hard yards for our pleasure.You guys r g8

  • Kaotic

    To all the sad owners of iPhones that are complaining that 4.1 jailbreak is taking to long: Pullya f$$kin heads in FFS! do these guys that make these unlocks owe you anything? Do you pay them for their time? Big NO! Shut up and be thankful that they give us jailbreaks for all and not just keep them for themselves. The other option is you selfish iPhones whingers is to blow the dust off your tight arse wallets and pay for apps. I laugh at the though of the same people complaining probably still ain’t toilet trained and struggle to wipe their own arses still. To the dev boys: big thank you lads! Your past work and present work is very appreciated. Thank you.

  • josh

    this will unlock the iphone 4 version 4.1 right? and do you think it will be out by next week because its been saying any day for a few weeks already. also i would be willing to donate alot of people will so just add a donate link when its out.

  • monga

    i am new to this ,i can say respect to these guys involved

    keep up the good work most of us are greatful for all the work you are doing

    thanks everyone ,thanks for the hard works.


  • simon

    keep up the good work most of us are greatful for all the work you are doing
    thanks everyone

  • @9913

    I cant believe some people. I too am a computer and software genius. I respect these guys for trying to break the impossible, trying to beat the best and top company at their own game. I think you guys are wonderful. Hey many thanks to Dev team. And those who cant wait, then you should've gone with AT&T. Otherwise sit back and enough your free ride, yes free since these guys are not getting paid. Honestly they should charge this time considering that the 4.1 package is pretty much locked down inside and its taking this much of their time up so far.

  • kareem

    my iphone 4 came with 4.0.2 ,i can use the cam ,wireless connection and everything else ,is it unlocked ? and if yes does that mean if i buy micro sim in my country it can be used normaly? i bought it from USA but i live in another country,please help me and thanks in advance

  • Sam

    the Unlocks not important at all, i just need the jailbreak very very very DESPERATELY.

  • Mark

    The last update bricked my 3gs and it's been sat in the shop for over 5 weeks awaiting the Jailbreak.
    I don't understand the process of this but i'm on T-Mobile and currently my handset is locked to Orange awaiting a jailbreak to get it fully working again.
    I hope that the news i've read above doesn't mean i'll be waiting too much longer as this is killing me not having my iphone 🙁

  • krasatos

    well… excluding those who got an iphone with 4.1 out of the box…
    rest of the ppl (currently on 4.0.2) should be ok, as we can upgrade to 4.1 preserving the old baseband (with T.U.) which is unlockable…
    i personally am sticking to 4.0.2 till a full jailbreak/unlock solution is available.
    i am ofcourse furstrated watching my i4 on my desk for over a month now… but well 🙂 i wanted cheeper price, that's what u get :p

  • xiaoa10

    The key trouble for me is whether i should jailbreak my iphone ? I am very hesitating, as i heared that the Apple will released the new patent product which can recognition the jialbroken user and limited the iphone features , oh ,that is horrible at first , i just cared about the movie features and my Aneesoft iphone video converter , but if the IOS limited the features and i can't watch movies on iphone after Apple publish the new security product , what should i do ?

  • steve

    () {} ()

  • Jof

    What about jailbreak for 3.2.2 Ipad?

  • steve

    All, please bend over for the Alien team. Thank you so much for donating your girl friends to some losers and spend most of your time helping us out. I have nothing, but respects for you guys. I am an IT guy and my job is to penetrate companies' network looking for security holes. What I do is nothing compared to you guys. Thanks again.

  • steve

    @adam. OK. Release date will be on November 21st, 2010. Are you happy now?

  • steve

    @ Marwan. If you are with ATT, why do care about unlock?

  • Steve

    I am happy with the JB. My iPhone 4 is on 4.1, but the baseband is still at 5.19. Thanks to Mr. Tinnyumbrella. YES BABY

    • @9913

      so u have AT&T??

  • Blax

    i been waitin for a week now but no joy 🙁

  • Mike

    Why feel cheated?

    Dev team has no obligation to do this, it is nice of them to even work on this, just have to wait and be happy that there are people out there working on it.

    How can you feel cheated for something that is free….

    • @9913

      I agree with u 100%

  • Sharon

    Wow. What haters. You guys should be grateful that they are sitting here trying to hack it.

    I have a iphone 4 with 4.1 upgrade on it. I cannot wait until you guys do it and I wish you the best of luck. Take your time but make a kickass jailbreak. I am so excited.

    Love always xoxooxxo,

  • Leland

    Who cares just let me know when its out. Enough with the hype already.

  • Marwan

    I'm with td_ssam ,
    We are just waiting for the DEV TEAM work to be done, but what the support we give them….mainly nothing..
    I'm having iphone 4 and it's locked with AT&T ( left on the desk ) and waiting for unlock and jailbreak to enjoy my new set
    i appreciate what the dev team doing for all of us
    and hope the release is going to be soon as they promise

  • adam

    please someone tell me release date ?:) for itouch 4g jailbreak

  • td_ssam

    I am just a bit frustrated at the fact that I’ve continuously heard that this will be out and it still hasn’t. The jailbreak was suppose to come out for 4.0.2 but it wasn’t worthy of a jailbreak. 4.1 was suppose to get a jailbreak and it’s still being worked on. I suppose we can’t get too upset though, I mean it’s not like we are helping the cause. We are just putting our 2 cents in while the dev teams work day and night to make free software for us to use. I have ATT so thankfully all I would like is a jailbreak. I hope we get the jailbreak soon! Thanks again dev team, as well as the SHAtter developer.

  • adolph sanchez

    gahhh i cant wait much longer DX

  • Meeee

    just a thx 2 all involved 4 all the hard work for our enjoyment. I have nothing but respect for these guys, for one: i cant do it, for two: no guarantee of payment says a lot for the devs.

  • roman

    the phones can still be unlocked it depends on the firmware don't forget that

  • ian o

    in the uk, 02 will unlock iphone for £15. sure other networks charge the same, then its simfree….not a bad price realy…then you just nead the jailbreak.

    • @9913

      really, its not like that in the us

      • Yoon

        Well in New Zealand the iPhones are factory unlocked. So they’re unlocked for life.

  • Randal

    I'm kind of disappointed since my 3G updated to 5.14.02 and I've been waiting patiently for the SIM unlock. Hopefully, they can figure out a loophole to downgrade baseband.

  • WoW doodz

    " This sucks very bad i was waiting for this to unlock my 3g running on 4.1.I want to use the phone so badly but i have t-mobile.So its either i pay a website and have a chance of getting ripped of or my iphone sits on my desk until they do it eventually =( killed my day "

  • BOB

    ohh man, i need an unlockk soo badly.. i hope it comes soon after the jailbreak

  • danny

    theyr doing their best… cant complain 🙂

  • ryan


  • ian o

    why feel let down, its a jailbreak most of us want, most iphone 4 are already simfree. jailbreak cant come soon enough.

    • iphonerahul

      not really, ive got the iphone for over 2 weeks, cant use it more than a itouch…


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